Will the DUP be invited to the new party?


Gordon Brown’s coup of an  offer to form a Labour -Lib Dem coalition and then quit reopens up the  possibility of  NI MPs holding a delicate balance of power.  A Lib Lab deal would be stronger because:

  •  it would be a coalition of  the like-minded  not a looser arrangement which is where the Cons-LD talks seemed to be heading.
  • Brown has repeated his clear offer of electoral reform which has emerged as a sticking point  on opposite sides with  both the Cons and LD rank and file.

Crucially it would be weaker because of the arithmetic:

  • Cons and LDs together are 363, a clear working majority, whereas Lab -LDs amount to only 315, well short and so in need of further backing.
  •  the coalition would be led from October by another Labour prime minister who has not presented him/herself to voters  in that role.  (But we elect MPs directly, nor prime ministers).
  •  If we take for granted ( should we?) 3 SDLP, I Alliance and one Independent  the Lab-LD  coalition tally rises to 320, 6 short.   
  • Contrary to what London metropolitan commentators seem to think, it would bizarre if Brown accepted Alex Salmond’s offer of an deal over electoral reform. The  SNP remain Labour’s deadly enemies.  The 3  Plaid Cymru members might be easier partners because that party is in coalition with Labour in Cardiff Bay. But the two nationalist parties  operate together in Westminster. Can Labour split them apart? The sole  Green MP is an ultra Keynsian. Her support can’t be assumed.

Dont forget Brown’s stated priorty is to agree a deficit reduction plan. This clashes directly with nationalist demands  to maintain  block grant levels? And yet the Nats will feel that Labour will wield the axe more gently than the Tories.

So let’s assume  this rainbow coalition can be put together. It amounts to 329, a clear if shaky majority.

Would the senior partners of the “progressive coalition” prefer to swap the 9  leftish Nats for the 8  right wing populist unionist  DUP?  On what terms? Can the pious call for all NI sitting MPs to act together become a reality that makes a difference?   That would  power sharing raised  to a new level to present as  example to the ranks in Stormont. 

Only if a Lab/LD coaltion becomes viable do the minor parties enter the lists. They may have  a couple of days to devise their terms – if the Conservatives don’t beat them to it first.