Remember the ‘Cyberlock’?

Given the intense coverage of the minutiae of the negotiations between Clegg and Cameron (one of the channels spent a lot of yesterday showing us aerial shots of Cleggy’s car so that the Kremlinologists amongst us could perhaps draw some significance from the way the radio aerial was waggling), why has no-one mentioned the Cyberlock yet?

Twitter is largely silent on it and and none of the bleary-eyed commentators have mentioned it. It’s not factored in here either, but if it does apply, it may make it impossible for Clegg to make a deal with the Tories unless they can absolutely deliver on the core obsession of the Lib-Dem grassroots – radical electoral reform. Could it be that the self-referential hunting-in-packs MSM hasn’t done it’s collective research and has missed the Elephant in the room?

And – more to the point – when leaders are delegated like this – memberships can force them to hold out for everything. This doesn’t make for a very subtle negotiation.

Will this make it impossible for Clegg to do the deal with Cameron? And would Labour seize the opportunity to bring about a radical decentralising realignment in British politics?

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