Remember the ‘Cyberlock’?

Given the intense coverage of the minutiae of the negotiations between Clegg and Cameron (one of the channels spent a lot of yesterday showing us aerial shots of Cleggy’s car so that the Kremlinologists amongst us could perhaps draw some significance from the way the radio aerial was waggling), why has no-one mentioned the Cyberlock yet?

Twitter is largely silent on it and and none of the bleary-eyed commentators have mentioned it. It’s not factored in here either, but if it does apply, it may make it impossible for Clegg to make a deal with the Tories unless they can absolutely deliver on the core obsession of the Lib-Dem grassroots – radical electoral reform. Could it be that the self-referential hunting-in-packs MSM hasn’t done it’s collective research and has missed the Elephant in the room?

And – more to the point – when leaders are delegated like this – memberships can force them to hold out for everything. This doesn’t make for a very subtle negotiation.

Will this make it impossible for Clegg to do the deal with Cameron? And would Labour seize the opportunity to bring about a radical decentralising realignment in British politics?


  • Rory Carr

    I am not sure how this Cyberlock relates to the LibDem Triple Lock raised (but not discussed )in detail on BBC 1’s <I.Breakfast show.

    I understand the triple-lock to mean that any decision on coalition deals must be ratified by the LibDem parliamentary party, their peers and the party members, which doesn’t bode well for easy negotiation. I would expect that Clegg will just ignore this little difficulty and deal on whatever his leading advisors and fellow leading LibDem MP’s can agree to swallow then present it as a fait accompli to the membership.

  • Update: Keith has the sums showing an NI Power Bloc:

  • Comrade Stalin

    I will either be spectacularly right or spectacularly wrong here, but to me it looks like the Lib Dems are merely going through the motions without having any intention of setting up a deal with the Tories. They’re only doing this because they don’t want to be accused of going back on their promise to negotiate first with the largest party (note, they did NOT say they would agree to government with said party).

  • Comrade Stalin

    I just stuck £100 @ 5:1 on a LibLab coalition. could be a loser but what the hell 🙂

  • Cynic

    The problem with the Lib Dems is that they are too democratic.

    Their multi-tiered structure with decision making distributed among different levels is designed for a party that is a loose amalgam of different interest groups from sandal-wearing beardie lefties who want us all to compost our own excrement and ban the bomb to Chelsea based high minded intellectual social democrats who have a complete committment to social justice and an unmentioned interest in the cost of school fees.

    As a party of Government its a potential dogs breakfast and a nightmare for a leader. The negotiations should be entertaining – and that applies whoever the partner is.

    As for a Lib-Lab pact – bring it on. The numbers just don’t add up. They would also need the Celtic fringe parties who have made it clear there would be a high financial price. Indeed, if I were Cameron, I wouldn’t resist too hard. I’d let them get on with it and watcfh them tale all the ahrd decision on cuts and taxes while I went to the voters at every opportunity and said:

    * they have stolen the election
    * you voted them out but they corruptly cling to office
    * they lied to you on the cuts
    * they are favouring Scotland Wales and NI over England and you are paying more and they are paying less
    * they are moving towards the Euro

    Meanwhile the pound would be dropping like a stone and I would use every Parliamentary option to block them in the Commons and Lords, collapse the administration at the first good chance ( after allowing say 6 months for the electorate to wake up)


  • Maybe the Conservative Core are pondering the Text in a Liberal Democrat Missive “Advanced Intellectual Property Driver Systems” …… which is a Radical SMART Virtual Machine Governance System for AIdDigital Existentialist Reformation.

    Thus is Command and Control Computer Created and Communicated from CyberIntelAIgent Space Centres and Offices of Cyber Security dealing Cyber Securities and Flashed Futures.

    It is certainly what they are facing and will be competing against in the private pirate and underground parallel markets/alternate economies trading Absolute Honesty for Premium Return.

    The Whole Truth on any Situation delivers Sustainable Solution with Reinforced Resolution for Simple Truth on All Matter for Great Supply of Ordered Governance and Animal Wishes, and apparently delivered by SMART Machinery ….. Global Operating Devices. Human Input would appear to be Surplus to Requirements.

  • Comrade Stalin

    cynic, so your strategy for victory is to go back to the electorate with lots of mudslinging and negativity. That is exactly how the Tories got themselves in this mess to start with. It is clear that the constant attacks on Gordon Brown made very little impact and indeed may even have galvanized potential floating voters against them.

  • Cynic


    Oh come on …. the post was in the context of the suggestion that the Lib Dems couldn’t do a deal with the Tories and you misrepresent me.

    My Tory strategy would be to genuinely try and work with the Lib Dems but realism suggests that any deal with them by any party will be unstable because they are more of an agit-prop grouping than a coherent party built around a song core of SHARED beliefs. The Lib Dems seem to me have to have perhaps 3 or 4 pillars of belief of which one 1 or at most 2 are seen as fundamental by the entire membership. Indeed, it is arguable that one of those – a commitment to PR – is more about self interest than an altruistic political logic.

    However, if this doesn’t work in short term or medium term (or al all!) then let them and Labour form a pact and over the next few months watch as they destroy each other politically. Not pretty. Not in the interest of the country as a whole. No desirable at all. But may be politically necessary and unavoidable.

  • If I was Clegg, I’d be tempted to remind other parties that I am under no obligation to form a coalition with anyone. If Cameron formed a minority government, why not just vote for or against them on a case by case basis? It might put some manners on the Tories to seek consensus, and if it doesn’t, it would be pretty easy for others to force another election.

  • Cynic


    Another fair option – but this would lead to huge instability and slow down progress at a critical time. it would leave Clegg open to accusations of wrecking and not being up to taking decisions. I think that for the Liberals it is decision time – do they have what it takes to help form a Government or not. This is Clegg’s moment. If he delivers he make make his Party’s future and if not then he may squander it

  • Comrade Stalin

    My Tory strategy would be to genuinely try and work with the Lib Dems but realism suggests that any deal with them by any party will be unstable because they are more of an agit-prop grouping than a coherent party built around a song core of SHARED belief

    As opposed to that sea of consistent political ideology and party discipline that is the Tory party ?

  • Munsterview

    Libs and Tories now: Greens and Fianna Failure back then. Same three locks etc and grassroots involvement in top decision making. Prospect of power in the door and principles went out the window.

    They held their nose and signed up. They have long since let their collective noses go and it is now a case of ” stench, what stench, we cannot smell anything !”

    We now have the ridiculous situation in the South where some Fianna Failure backbenchers are more critical of their own Party Leadership and Government that the Greens as a whole are!

    Will the English Libs prove any more principled where power is in the offing?

  • I wish you’d offered me that bet instead of the bookie CS 😉

    I just can’t see it (even though I’d like to). It’s too complicated.

    My money would be on a minority government.

  • Cynic


    It has more coherence than the Lib Dems. Watch and see. In any case, the point is that the power structures internally are different and those who are disaffected cant cause as many problems directly in the Conservatives, though they can wreck away in public