Bad day to be a unionist leader…

THE BBC is suggesting that Sir Reg is beat in South Antrim. And with Robbo stuffed in East Belfast and Jim Allister trounced by Paisley Jr, the leaders of unionism are in a bad way tonight. While the personality cult of Jim will probably continue, the UUP and DUP could well be looking new leaders in the morning. Any suggestions?

  • cogitator

    IPJ for DUP, can’t think of anybody in UUP. Maybe they could join Sylvia’s party?
    Not very imaginative, but then neither are they.

  • listingloops

    IPJ seems like he may seize power in the DUP, for the UUP not too sure – based on the exit’s at the moment it seems the only candidate to secure an increase was Harry Hamilton…

    You never know what a few tight trousers and pencil thin moustaches could do to reconnect the UUP with the electorate…

  • andnowwhat

    I’m tired but the look on David Mc Narry’s face is worth it.

    As a catholic, I’ve a strange happiness for Ian Paisley Jnr.

  • Comrade Stalin

    I also have a strange happiness for IPJ. I’ve never heard much good said about the man, but what cheers me is that he faced down the big bad rejectionist – and won. I do not believe he will be DUP leader.

    It’s very hard to say what way the DUP will go next. Dodds being the leader would be interesting as he’s not known for being keen on the powersharing end of things. However, it’s hard to interpret that result as anything other than a broad endorsement of the Robinson strategy.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Delighted for Ms Long and Alliance which probably reflects an increasing disenchantment of the Unionist electorate with the 2 main Unionist parties.

    The only real significance of the Westminsters themselves is if Unionists (DUP) are in the position of being powerbrokers which looks unlikley now and the indirect result will possibly be some move towards Unionist unity for the Assembly elections.

    Leaba beckons.

  • “I do not believe he will be DUP leader.” ….. Comrade Stalin says:
    7 May 2010 at 4:03 am

    His Mien and Demean would rather suggest he is, Comrade Stalin. A Father’s Beta Son indeed.

    Congratulations, Ian J. Bravo, Chez Paisley/Schloss Rhonda

    A House of Many Mansions/Degrees of Order and Immaculate Control?

  • lover not a fighter

    Arlene or Nigel I would suggest. Does Nigel actually want it ?

  • Neil

    Over the moon to see the UUs not making up any part of the government of the UK this morning. It was interesting to hear them try to spin things to say they would still have influence through the Tories even thought they’d no seats. Having taken his party right down the swanny, it’s nice to see them attempt to circumvent democracy having been rejected by the electorate.

  • Docmartin

    Arlene proved she could run the shop during Peter’s enforced sabbatical earlier in the year so maybe it is time the party animals approached her and asked her if she fancied taking over. Nigel probably doesn’t want the job so I don’t see anyone of any value standing against her.

    As for Sir Reg (running on empty) … well the writing has to be on the wall for him … unless he can find way of weasling his way around his party and remaining as leader. He has proven himself as politically toxic as Gordon Brown.

  • Jim

    Jim Allister will come running back to the DUP in no time, its more than obvious no one wants him or his secterian party.

    Dup Leader will Be Dodds or Paisly, Sammy Wilson maybe?

    Funny if the doc came back to lead.