Sinn Féin’s hidden crisis? *updated*

In the comments on Pete’s entry covering Padraig McShane’s resignation from Sinn Féin I noted the following list (now substantially updated) of Councillors that have resigned recently (this list is confined to those that have left during the current council terms north and south – those that left in previous terms are excluded):

Dessie Ward
Padraig McShane
Briege Meehan
Domhnall O’Cobhthaigh
Gerry McHugh
Bernice Swift
Barry Monteith
Gerard Foley
Michael Tallon
Poilin Ui Cathain
Killian Ford
Christy Burke
John Dwyer
Louise Minihan
Thomas Pringle
Ian Dooley
Martin Connolly
Oliver Hughes
Patsy Groogan

As medillen commented there is no shared reason for these resignations. It remains fact around 7% of their councillors have left across Ireland in a very short period and it is closer to 10% taking the north alone 10% of their Councillors have left across Ireland. In any other party this would be flagged as a serious problem with their middle tier and a possible indicator of more widespread internal problems.

However, as our predictions contest shows not even those with no fondness for SF expect this to impact on their vote come Thursday.

*Note – the list has grown thanks to reader comments, please feel free to send me any names I have missed*

Update Keith is attempting to detail the reasons for each resignation from the party or council. His incomplete list is here and copied below – if you can fill in the blanks (preferably with link) let him know.

Dessie Ward – no longer defend the party’s left-wing political position.
Padraig McShane
Briege Meehan – child abuse allegations
Domhnall O’Cobhthaigh – “contradiction between the nationalist and socialist agendas within Sinn Fein”
Gerry McHugh – Disaffection with Assembly power balance
Bernice Swift – resigned from the Council over Sinn Féin’s changed attitude to policing
Barry Monteith – does not believe the party’s political strategy will lead to a united Ireland
Gerard Foley
Michael Tallon
Poilin Ui Cathain – Sinn Fein’s support of PSNI
Killian Ford -Jumps ship to Labour after poor election
Christy Burke – differences?
John Dwyer – Irish election fallout
Louise Minihan – Irish election fallout
Thomas Pringle – could no longer participate in the party structure
Ian Dooley
Martin Connolly
Oliver Hughes
Patsy Groogan

Further update The figures show the trend is essentailly the same north and south:

All Ireland – 10.5% of Cllrs left party or Council during current mandate (19 from 180)
North of Ireland – 10% (13 from 126)
South of Ireland – 11% (6 from 54)

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