Photograph of the Day – Templemore Avenue Health Clinic

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  • Mark McGregor

    Nice one John. It looks like a fine old building vomiting out a bland modern one as it dies.

  • Cheers
    the houses at the back now have strong daylight as a result
    Actually it was a pretty nondescript building though they did salvage the original entrance archway

  • Oracle

    John I think your lucky those builders in the background didn’t thump the daylights out of you.
    They’re leaning round corners to peek at you, they must have thought you were the DHSS Snoop Squad.

  • Naah…. smiles go a long way when doing street photography.

    If i had a £ for every time i’ve heard

    “You’re not from the brew are ya?”

    I’d be able to buy a few slithers of land 🙂
    Interesting point though as there is a fine line between invading privacy and documenting what’s happening, there’s been manys a time i haven’t taken a photo for that reason.