Gordon Brown: “You can see the moment his political career leaves his body”

Jon Stewart on why the UK debates don’t matter after the first one… He absolutely hammers UK politics for its triviality… It’s over five minutes, but the end is worth waiting for…

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  • wild turkey


    vids from the daily show ‘are not available in your country’ hmmm. any other links available?

    a real shame as Stewart tells me everything i need to know about whats going on back home

  • Alias

    Brilliant stuff. The punchline is a classic… with the superimposed departing spirit adding greatly to it.

    WT, there is a link under the video that says something like “if you are having trouble viewing..”. I clicked it and could then see the vidoe in my region.

  • Video not viewable in Norn Iron so it isn’t

  • USA

    So funny, totally tore him a new asshole.

  • “vids from the daily show ‘are not available in your country’ hmmm. any other links available?” …. wild turkey says:30 April 2010 at 6:21 pm

    wild turkey,

    Try a different browser. I had the same “problem” as you have shared and it cured it for me.

    And yes the video is well worth watching as it clearly does show, in all of ITs magnificent higher definition, what a pathetic media show politics is in the UK, and what jolly gay tossers politicians must be, playing up to the cameras and trying to drum up interest and support for themselves and their useless mates to screw you with their crazy ideas and steal your wealth as they pontificate endless and create nothing but division and conflict…….. and you pay them so well for it too, with expense to boot too. So there are bigger prize idiots around too and they would be probably U2.

  • madraj55

    It’s hard to credit the Brown spindoctors attempts to claim that Brown misheard Mrs Duffy’s ‘flocking’ comment for a similar sounding F word. Are they seriously suggesting she would swear knowing the cameras were on her, even if she would swear? No, Stewart is right the endgame for Brown is surely nigh. Isn’ t Duffy a very NI sounding name?

  • Alias

    I think she is a lovely, sweet lady – she’s not the swearing type. I’ve no idea where you got that idea from, since I never disparaged her in any way or acted as an apologist for Mr Brown. He said what he thought of her, and what he thinks of her is what he thinks of her social class and of ordinary British voters. The truth slipped out off-camera but not off-mic, and all we are seeing is Mr Brown trying to lie about why it said what he said. He said it, and he meant it. Being a weasel, he doesn’t have the courage of his convictions and so crawls back under his rock in that unedifying manner.

  • madraj55

    Alias. I haven’t suggested that you said anything disparaghing of Mrs Duffy. In fact i agreed with the post i’m now responding to.

  • Alias

    Well, technically, you’re responding to your own post (as indicated by the indentations) so I’d be surprised if you didn’t agree with it. 😉

  • madraj55

    Alias, the only reason i clicked reply to my own post was there was no ‘Reply’ to click available on the post you sent. This never happened before the facelift.

  • Greenflag

    a man from mars ,

    ‘what a pathetic media show politics is in the UK’

    I have to disagree . I think the UK does a generally good job with their electoral system although it could improve with the introduction of some form of PR . This election is different . I sense it’s more of a 1979, or 1997 election in that the result while it may not usher in clear majority Tory or Labour Government it could herald the end of the two party system.

    The BBC has an excellent historical review of British elections since 1945 including video footage of Prime Minister’s including Maggie Thatcher’s first election victory and her St Francis of Assisi prayer as well as Edward Heath’s red paint splattered entrance to 10 Downing St (a shameful deed I might add ) .

    But in among the numbers are a few startling facts . For example the Lib Dems got 25.4% of the vote back in 1983 and won about 20 seats whereas Labour got just 2% extra i.e 27.6% and won 200 plus seats or 10 times as many as the Lib dems .
    Neither of the two main parties ever got 50% of the votes . The closest was the Tories under Harold MacMillan in 1959 when they won 49.6% of the vote .

    From 1945 to 1979 inclusive the average turnout was 77% whereas from 1979 to the present 2010 the average turnout was 69.5 % a drop of almost 8% . And even worse turnout in 2001 was only 59.4% and in 2005 only 61% .

    Can’t be good for democracy. Interestingly the Lib Dems have maintained a double digit percentage performance since 1974 with an average of 19.4% over the past 9 elections .

    If we take the Lib Dems at 20% of the electorate and add in the others at 10% the the 2 party system basically has ignored over 30% of the British electorate over the past 35 years and Government has been by a political party which barely wins 40% of the vote .

    Transferring these kind of numbers to Northern Ireland it would be like SF being able to impose themselves in GOvernment with a little over 30% of the vote . For that to happen the SDLP would have to lose about 5 or 6% of their vote.?

    I hope the Lib Dem vote breaks through the 30% barrier and that the FPTP system is changed to make Britain a more representative democracy than it is now .

    Interestingly the electorate have voted in declining numbers (percentages since 1980 approx . Along with the neo con revolution eh ? I wonder if there’s a connection ?

  • daisy

    can’t watch it and I missed the show that night. Not on youtube either. Don’t want to download a new browser – anyone?

  • Garza

    channel 4 on demand has it, I watched it earlier on today.

  • wee buns

    Greenflag – the sheer terror of Broon & Cameroon as they lie, obfuscate & dissemble about the dire threat of a hung parliament and worse to come wi th PR is a joy to behold. Thatcher received her highest vote in 1979 and it declined in every election thereafter – at no point did the Tory vote come within a bullsroar of a majority of voters, never mind the electorate in toto. Bring on PR and join the rest of the OECD.

  • The point I was making, and obviously not clearly enough and for that I do apologise, is that it is a media show and presently there is no Government and things are progressing nicely with their Meddling and Peddling at Elite Power Levers of Civilised Global Control for Peace in a MadHouse….. It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World and it Requires Mentoring for Sane Fantastic Lives in Live Operational Virtual Environments with Globalised Operating Devices.

    And for that, you really have to known more than just a little about the Power and Simply Complex Controlling Lead of Beautiful Crazy. Fortunately, IT is an Easy Gift Quickly Learnt with ITs Selfless Sharing.

  • “Don’t want to download a new browser – anyone?” …. daisy says:
    1 May 2010 at 10:51 pm

    daisy, I would just say that having only one browser has one languishing captive to the information and intelligence shared on its pages. Other browsers may share more advanced information and intelligence from other Exotic and Erotic Time Zones on Earth. With Rose Tinted Glasses in the Red Zone, are All Reports Positive Constructive with a Passionate Insatiable Potential to Excel and Overwhelm with Long Desired Pleasures.*

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  • And this tale, endorsed by the PM no less, would be supportive of the media show premise ….. http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2010/may/02/gordon-brown-nick-clegg-gameshow-host

    A Change of Program changes the Show for Media BroadBandCasting with IT and AI for HyperDefinition ProVision to Hypervisors.

    And in another store of wisdom on a page is another MegaMetaData Show Unfurled …….

    “Based on Berkshire’s own activities in bond insurance, Mr Buffett said that he would never assume to know what investors on another side of a particular trade he was involved in were thinking.” …. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/7664875/Warren-Buffett-backs-Goldman-Sachs-over-fraud-allegations.html

    AmanfromMars is thinking Cloudy Shelf Arrangements and Virtual Transactions with Sublime Prime Memoranda of Understanding.

    “”There were some e-mails where some people were projecting I would say, at best indifference, and at worst a callousness. It’s inexcusable if 10 people think that way or thought that way.”

    The comments came after Mr Blankfein denied, before the US Senate’s sub-committee on investigations, that the bank has a moral obligation toward its clients.” ….. Methinks the former decisively proves the need for the latter, absolutely.

    A lesson Warren can easily Divest to Infest/Invest in with Control of any and every Capitol Operating System. ”

    A Universal Virtual Force Initiative? Of course, it is.:-)

  • Greenflag

    ‘Bring on PR and join the rest of the OECD.’

    The UK had ‘strong ‘ government 1979 to 1997 and from 1997 to 2010 . What’s the evidence that having a strong government i.e one party rule and a non hung parliament provides better government and better political and policy decisions .? Northern Ireland had ‘strong government ‘ from 1920 -1972. Such was it’s ‘strength ‘ that it provoked it’s own downfall 🙁

    Thatcher presided over and hastened the decline of Britain’s manufacturing and engineering sectors while delivering a ‘services’ economy and several millions unemployed . Labour under Tony Blair went one better and put the UK’s future economic prospects firmly on the backs of a now discredited banking and financial sector ?

    The advent of PR could enable the LIb Dems to become the largest party and it would put ‘manners’ on the arrogance of the now big two.

  • Greenflag

    daisy ,

    ‘Knowledge ZerodDay Trading is a Very Competitive and Extremely Politically Incorrect Field for Irregular and Unconventional Leading Astute and NEUKlearer HyperManic Intellectual Property Advantage.’

    The above is the martian’s gobbledegook for how to lose your shirt and house by dabbling in day trading in the stock market unless of course you are a top executive in Goldman Sachs or have access to insider information . You can translate both politically incorrect and unconventional as criminal 😉

    Our ‘martian’ is not a fan of plain english ;(?

  • anon

    How to get the daily show: http://theintrepid.blogspot.com/2009/10/how-to-watch-daily-show-and-other.html

    You cn’t do it in IE, but you shouldn’t be using it anyway

  • “Our ‘martian’ is not a fan of plain english ;(?” …… Greenflag says:
    2 May 2010 at 11:08 am

    Your analysis and precied summary is an accurate enough view to be believable and can be acceptable to All Ideally, Greenflag.

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