Gerry Ryan dead

There isn’t much on the mainstream media websites yet, but Twitter is ablaze with rumours that RTÉ broadcaster Gerry Ryan has died.

  • Mack
  • Rory Carr

    God! This news will have them throwing a party over at Twenty Major if the comments there on the late Mr Ryan are a reliable indicator.

  • JR

    I was not a fan of Gerrys, sad to see a young man die though.

  • Danny

    I too was never a fan of him, would almost say I hated him, but have to agree it’s a shame he’s dead. Why has the news only broken now though? Was he not on the show this morning?

    BBC has whereas the 2FM site seems to have crashed.

  • Lionel Hutz

    I’d just like to say that I’M a big fan and i was shocked to hear the news. Rest in Peace

  • Garry Grace

    It has been reported that the cause of Ryan’s death is was an *OVERDOSE


  • stevie

    so saddend and shocked about the passing of G Ryan. believe he was one of the greats of irish media and whether you liked him r not, so many of us grew up with gerry. I believe he spoke with an honest mind, was incredibly witty, forthright, and in so many ways informed my opinion and was so fecking entertaining into the bargain. The morning has irrevocably changed, it will never be the same. Rest in peace Gerry, i for one will miss you dearly

  • thetrout

    Agree – not my cuppa but a very young man and 5 kids too, not to mention his ex(?) wife and family and friends. RIP Gerry. 2FM will not be the same again

  • old school

    He was a D.J on half a million a year plus expenses.
    He played music and talked.
    Some perspective here.

  • Pete Whitcroft

    Wise up old school.
    He was a challenger to the status quo and I respect him for that.

  • old school

    I take it you’re being sarcastic, Pete.
    He was a stoic defender of Fianna Fail policies.
    He never spoke out against Section 30 or political censorship.
    He shilled property developments on his National broadcast radio show.
    He regularly promted people to buy at the height of the boom on his show, by coming out with guff like “never a better time to buy” etc. This was practically a Government broadcast.
    When he wasn’t online he acted as a poster boy for several bigname developers, and acted as host for property exhibitions. A gross abuse of his position for which he was well paid.

  • Macanna

    Hard to like a broadcaster who thinks he knows more about a subject than the experts he invited onto his show. Or who does a jonathan ross and turns everything to smut. Got sick of him a long time ago. But agree sad to see he died.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Never much liked him.
    One of those 9am broadcasters like our local pain in the ass Stephen Nolan….who go thru the whole “why oh why”…….a populist like Nick Ferrari…..big fish small pond.

  • esther

    kiss my arse

  • George

    The server crashes with the weight of traffic (46,000 views and counting) on Gerry Ryan’s death and Slugger gets a few comments. If you ever wanted to see a cultural gap between north and south, this is it.

    He is actually somebody I have experienced first hand and for me he and his wife were fantastically caring people. RIP Mr Ryan.

  • old school

    I’m sure he was a likeable person, but he didn’t deserve to be paid more than President Obama.
    He also refused to take a paycut (from taxpayers pockets) until the public outcry got too much.
    Some have pointed out he was the epitome of the phoney Boom. New rich, Arrogant, selfish, crass,boorish. The guy who’d sneer at your 95 model car.The guy who’d click his fingers at a waiter.
    Condolences to his family, but I think Sluggers are correct not to follow another Diana style blubberfest.

  • Watcher

    Very sad to see a great Irish broadcaster pass away.