Politics of the violent threat: “No claim, no blame…”

Fascinating little interview with Geraldine Taylor and Carrie Twomey, the wife of Anthony McIntyre (who conducted the interviews with Brendan Hughes for Boston College) on Radio Free Eireann (scroll down and about an hour and ten minutes in) on living with low level but serious threats. It starts about an hour in. I was struck by one line in particular from Ms Taylor, which she noted a term I’d not heard before… “No claim, no blame…” In other words, if you do an ‘action’, but then deny it, the blame doesn’t come home to you. Nasty.


  • oracle

    If the military wing of Sinn Fein carry out an attack on a politcal researcher because he recordered interviews with members of the IRA to be released after their death, that have embarrassed the Sinn Fein leadership then S/F should be excluded from all democratic institutions because they would be no democrats at all.

  • argosjohn

    No claim, no blame. You never heard of this well known Loyalist mantra before? Really? Be that as it may, it is interesting, if not surprising, to see PIRA adopting the tactics of their Loyalist “Peace Process” comrades.
    In fairness, it must also be said that PIRA, like the security forces, also operated their own No claim, no blame, down the years. Catholic Reaction Force, Orange Volunteers and al that.

    Also, low level intimidation would be an an integral part of the Provo legacy. Guess they like doing waht they do best.

  • It is long past time we stopped allowing these people to hide behind a slogan. If someone is hurt, or worse, the people responsible for that crime should be treated the same as any other criminal.

    It makes no difference if the criminal is PIRA, SF, dissident or loyalist. The crime should be treated as such and punished accordingly.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Its very nasty indeed and shows the type of people that support the “dissidents”.
    But have we not seen exactly the same thing in relation to the dissident supporters on this very site.
    That Bloggers here can wax lyrical about “injustices” carried out on these upstanding republicans……in and out of prison….publicise their case……and then go to ground when anything “happens”. Suddenly comments become “inappropriate for this thread” and are closed down.
    Isnt it exactly the same kinda mentality that Ms Taylor and her supporters have.
    At her sojourn in Boston, publicising the dissident cause, can we not expect a curt “no comment” from the verbose Ms Taylor and her lyrical companions if something happens here……along the lines of Omagh.
    In that respect sadly Slugger and Radio Free Eireann (sic) provide a similar service.

  • Argosjohn

    Fitzjameshorse tells tells us to blame the dissidents for everthin, even though the Provos have very many serious thugs in their ranks, His line is the old post Peace Process line. Let the Provos keep the dissidents in line and if a few of them get killed, let us always remember Omagh and any other event it suits us to remember.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    I dont know whether youre new here and havent read many of my posts on (among other things) La Mon, Bloody Friday etc….but I will give you the benefit of the doubt that youre not reading selectively.
    But I merely blame the dissidents for being scum……nothing more, nothing less.

  • Spotty Muldoon

    Hear, Hear fitzjameshorse1745. Also, scum with bad grammar and spelling. Of course that would be in English. I’m sure their Irish is perfect. Recently removed grafitti in Derry read “were still hear” and those responsible for a pipe bomb attack on a home in a residential area of the city claimed they intended to execute their target but couldn’t get into the house “due to security reasons”. And today we have Sinn Fein telling the police to back off when they suspect infringements of licensing laws. That’s right. We don’t need a police force, we have the dissies running round acting like the Taliban. Like the Taliban, they’re not shy of a wee drink or a wee substance themselves. So I would of course go further than fitzjameshorse1745. Semi-literate, hypocritical, brainless, scum.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    You have to admire Anthony McIntyre for having the courage to speak out but I wonder has the boul Anthony(or his wife) spoken out against the threats made against PSNI members.

  • Anonin

    Always surprises me the level intelligence that goes into Republican Sinn Fein arguments and the like, for all the accusations of criminals and druggies. Just goes to show that the Shinners are pulling stuff out of nothin’

  • Rory Carr

    Intriguing that the only defence of their violent campaign that dissident supporters on here seem capable of offering is to fall back upon an attack on the Provisionals.

    That attack is two-fold – first they attack aspects of the Provisional IRA’s campaign – somehow forgetting that they were among its most vociferous supporters while it was actually going on and secondly, they attack Provisional Sinn Féin’s present political stance, in particular their role in and acceptance of the Good Friday agreement and the decision to eschew the armed road to Irish unity in favour of a purely political campaign, which the people of Ireland have overwhelmingly endorsed.

    Since the dissidents have nothing to offer on the political front they can be commended that they at least face up to that reality by offering the people precisely that – nothing!

    But on support for actual acts of violence committed as part of their campaign we find that their supporters remain coyly silent, indeed some would even have us believe that they don’t support an armed campaign at all but, strangely, they support those are to the fore in advocating such policy and who find themselves (unsurprisingly) under investigation following incidents of violence and then turn, once again to blaming Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness for all their woes.

    But then since really it is their rejection by the mass of nationalists and, in particular, Republican nationalists that is the source of all their woes and since it is Adams and McGuinness, much to the chagrin of the dissidents, who represent the poltical voice of this mass perhaps we should not be surprised.


    You left one group out of your list, the Brits. Then again, the Brits managed to avoid blame by subcontracting to the loyalists. Is this another thing that republicans have learned from them in the current phase of the struggle?

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Anthony McIntyre is……apparently……a card carrying member of the National Union of Journalists.
    This makes him flavour of the month with…….journalists.

    The rather obvious fact is that if McIntyre wasnt …apparently…..a card carrying member of the national union of Journalists………and saying EXACTLY the same stuff…….the self same journos who hero worship him wouldnt give him the time of day.

    Thats the wider freemasonry of Journalism.


    Would you prefer he were silenced?

    Remember mo chara

    “what is right is more important than who is right”

  • mcclafferty32


    Good point!

  • Anonin

    Careful, that’s masonic journalistic talk there.

  • Wouldnt be a bit surprised. I left them with the loyalists since I believe most Brits, including successive governments do not want the north in the UK.

  • mcclafferty32


    What does the fact that McIntyre is a member of the National Union of Journalists have to do with the fact that his life has been threatened not only because he is an outspoken Irish republican critic of Adams, Sinn Fein and the GFA but because he also conducted an interview with Brendan Hughes and is promoting the book “Voices From The Grave?” That is what this issue should be about – not his membership in a union of Journalists or “without it he wouldn’t be given the time of day”? What a petty remark. I also didn’t notice anyone on this site, except for Oracle, to express outrage at the fact this man’s life has been threatened let alone by the military wing of Sinn Fein.

  • Rory Carr

    The argument is not that McIntyre should be silenced, TAFKABO but rather that his repetitious mantra bemoaning the success of the politics of Sinn Féin and the total rejection of his own becomes tedious after a time and indeed it is difficult to know why anyone would care to promote his opinions unless they shared his desire to discredit Sinn Féin, it surely can’t be because they share any of his other political views.

  • Seosamh913


    McIntyre is a respected writer and academic in his own right; it is useful that we continue to get the perspective of disillusioned ex-provos on the current state of play and Mackers is one of the more articulate of them. Let the man speak and let the rest of us, whether we agree with him or not, defend his right to speak.


    The right to free speech is there to ensure we get to hear the things we might not want to hear.
    It’s rare that I find myself agreeing with Mcintyre but I still want to hear what he has to say. Sinn Fein and their supporters ought to be able to take this sort of criticism without resorting to kneejerk self pity. I for one am glad that most republicans have thrown their lot in with the Shinners, your mandate is your greatest argument.

  • ciaran

    on reading Voices from the Grave sense of the IRA fighting the good fight went out the door with the Haloween killing of the two girls and the comradeship that Hughes had with Basher Bates. These two looked out for each other …they were both cut from the same cloth. They refuse to ackowledge that they enjoyed what they did, its always about the comradeship it didn,t matter about the lives of others. Now they all can live forever together in hell.