Baggott outlines police response to security threat

A BBC report notes the NI Police Federation’s concerns about “insufficient resources” being available to PSNI Chief Constable Matt Baggott as an emergency meeting of the Policing Board discussed the increasing activities of still-violent republican groups.  UTV has the quotes from Matt Baggott, and others, following the meeting 

“We’ll be doing vehicle checkpoints throughout the next couple of weeks and probably beyond that”, Mr Baggott said.

“I know they are a huge inconvenience to the public but let’s be very clear the responsibility for us having to do this rests purely and simply with those people that would bring distraction back to the streets”.

“We are increasing our presence as we review our security needs daily and at the moment, in light of recent events, we feel we have got to do that.”

Although, that increased presence didn’t exactly work out at the Rebel’s Rest bar at the weekend