Baggott outlines police response to security threat

A BBC report notes the NI Police Federation’s concerns about “insufficient resources” being available to PSNI Chief Constable Matt Baggott as an emergency meeting of the Policing Board discussed the increasing activities of still-violent republican groups.  UTV has the quotes from Matt Baggott, and others, following the meeting 

“We’ll be doing vehicle checkpoints throughout the next couple of weeks and probably beyond that”, Mr Baggott said.

“I know they are a huge inconvenience to the public but let’s be very clear the responsibility for us having to do this rests purely and simply with those people that would bring distraction back to the streets”.

“We are increasing our presence as we review our security needs daily and at the moment, in light of recent events, we feel we have got to do that.”

Although, that increased presence didn’t exactly work out at the Rebel’s Rest bar at the weekend

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  • Comrade Stalin

    Although, that increased presence didn’t exactly work out at the Rebel’s Rest bar at the weekend

    Pete, that’s an unfair and actually quite mean-spirited comment. You’re not going to get community buy-in for the police if they show up to close bars in full riot gear and equipped with plastic bullets.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    The sooner there are joint patrols with the Gardaí in border areas and especially in South Armagh the sooner the dissers will get the message that an attack on the PSNI is just as an unacceptable as an attack on the Gardaí – which their funny little Green Book presumably forbids.

  • lamhdearg

    I seen two of the checkpoints today, One outside ballyclare, One on the holywood road, On both occasions I was able to see them from quite a distance, and on the holywood road i counted three streets i could have turned off into and avoided it, Window dressing i think.

  • Neil

    Spot on lamhderg, you can always avoid them when you have to, on your way to the M.O.T. when your tax is up for example.

  • Crikey,

    If that is supposed to be constructive proactive policing, then would no brains combined with no teeth be a double whammy of misfortune for the PSNI and the poor people in the province and a cross for Matt Baggott to bear, although never with pride.

    But then again, I suppose good policing requires one to lead politicians and that requires some balls too, which is a triple whammy of despair for the present forces of law in disorder. And it is cold comfort for Knock HQ to know that Palace Barracks are equally not up to the task.

  • Fintan

    As a lifelong resident of Crossmaglen I couldn’t believe my eyes last Monday afternoon. As I went about my business in the town I saw what can only be described as a media stunt in which the PSNI and their new leader Matt Baggott paraded around the town surrounded by media and security. Accompanying this charade I could see a local SDLP elected rep and another local member of the Fianna Fail party.

    If the PSNI think it wise to parade around the town and pull stunts like this I have no problem – they look ridiculous coming in, swaggering around the town and leaving again. However the local people who were part of the group should really take the feelings of locals into account. For the PSNI to force themselves on local businesses as they did on Monday last was a total disgrace; for locally elected reps to assist in this is scandalous. I was actually in one business in the town when they came in and I could see that the owner of the business was placed in a terrible situation, he didn’t know whether to greet them or show them the door. This demonstrates a total lack of respect from the PSNI and those who accompanied them on this little outing.

    Policing is still a very sensitive issue in this area. Only a matter of weeks ago there was a dissident bomb placed at the barracks in Crossmaglen – nobody wants to see a return to this type of thing. I’m wondering if any of those involved in this parade took the PSNI to their homes for cups of tea? I would say not, our local businesses are a much easier target!

    I am a full supporter of the Good Friday Agreement and I support community policing which this area needs badly. I have no problem with meeting the PSNI at community, council and government meetings however I will not have them forced on me in the way they were forced on local businesses on Monday. The PSNI have to earn the respect and trust of local people and this is certainly not the way to do it.

  • old school

    “We’ll be doing vehicle checkpoints for the next couple of weeks and possibly beyond that.”
    Thanks for the heads up, Matt.

  • Neil

    Yeah they were on Grosvenor Road earlier, they tend to set up there during rush hour and lunch times. So expect a long, shitty journey home tonight…

  • old school

    Having lost the getaway car for the Newry job, and turning up in Newtownhamilton after the Fire Brigade did their job, it now seems they have lost the getaway car used in the Newtown attack as well.
    According to the Newry Democrat “unknown individuals” removed the car from Meigh before the forensics could examine it.
    Guffaw guffaw. Chortle chortle!!