Slugger ‘talking local’ in Derry next week…

I’m going to be in Derry for a few days next week. I’m keen to organise an informal get together for people already involved in social media or keen to get more involved in it.

In particular I want to look at how the bid for the City of Culture might be made more open and facilitate greater input from ordinary citizens.  But we are also planning to set up a freestanding and independent hyperlocal social media hub to help, in the first place, to facilitate such participation.

There are a few of these kinds of community site that Talk Local have been encouraging people to get together. They are citizen run and organised and self funded, by and large. In some cases have a more impressive local reach than some flagship BBC programmes. The better examples include Pits n Pots in Stoke, Birmingham’s Digbeth is Good and Harringay Online in North London.

Are you interested in getting involved? Or just curious?  Come and join us for a bit of chat at the Cafe del Mondo from 4pm next Monday!

I’m also very keen to make contact with anyone who’d like to contribute to the Derry essay series, either on Monday, or at some point over the following two days when I’ll be kicking around the town.

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  • joeCanuck

    Derry is all well and good I like the place. But when is Slugger going to get “there”. I’m an oul geezer and I can’t afford to sit around for 5 minutes waiting for a page to load.

  • Mick Fealty

    Well Joe, I thought someone had actually commented on the subject. I am really quite keen to drill down into local stuff. But instead I find a Strabane man trying to shift the focus away across the border and into Tyrone.

    But seriously. We will continue to have small lapses, but the load times are getting much better my end and the outages fewer and farther in between. It should get better still, since I cannot emphasise enough just how committed Puffbox have been to getting Slugger into tip top shape.

    Back to the subject in hand: what about telling how Derry is/was seen from your old neck of the woods?