Slowly but surely…

As you’ve probably noticed, our new site is running a bit slow and it’s having intermittent teething problems. We kinda expected this, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating for you and we’re working on fixing it.

The slowness is largely because the database that holds the content is absolutely massive. There are nearly 19,000 posts and about 400,000 comments going back to 2003.

It’s also because of the way that the site is served up to each of the 5,000+ new visitors that we get most days – visitors who are arriving at this version of site for the first time. Sites like this are configured to ensure that return visitors make fewer demands on the servers.

We’ve had a lot of great help from Simon Wheatley, a Wordpress specialist along with Kieran and Marty at No More Art. We’re reviewing the suitability of the particular hosting configuration we have, and the fact that Wordpress can struggle with large volumes of content is a known (but not insurmountable) issue.

So, in short, things are on the up. Over the coming days, we’ll be hoping to iron out the speed problems, reduce the downtime and get the site running properly before we roll out some special little tools we’ve had developed for your delectation.

I’ve turned comments off on this post because I’d like you to keep using the intro thread for your comments and questions on the new site please?