We’re here!

Well, what do you think? Let us know, but – as Mark said in the probably-deleted comment thread on the old site, try and turn off your ‘I didn’t want it to change in the first place’ impulses and then give us your feedback in the comments thread below. Everyone who registered with the old site will be able to claim their username. For privacy reasons, your old passwords were encrypted so we’ve not been able to bring them across.

You will need to  log into this site as if you’d forgotten your passwords. I’ve prepared a briefing here that will show you how to reclaim it if you get stuck with this.

There’ll be lots of new stuff to tell you about in due course, and we’ll be adding a string of new features that have been developed in the background, but some of them will involve a bit of training for our regular bloggers before we can release all of that.

Our current developers didn’t do the install or choose / optimise the server, so we’ve got our fingers crossed that the site will handle the traffic that you throw at it over the next few days, but we will aim to have a the site on a new server once we’ve got any teething troubles out of the way.