Team Martin McAuley for North Belfast…

Team McAuleyMartin McAuley (at the front) will today submit his papers to the Returning Officer in Glengormley thus becoming the youngest candidate standing here in Northern Ireland in the Westminister Elections. He would have been the youngest in the whole of the UK but for a burger flipper who is standing over on the big Island. Standing as an independent and being only 19 he needs all the support he can.
It will be interesting to see how his policies are accepted, which he says is an attempt to move away from the “Barrier Politics of old” Seen with his backroom staff who will help, guide,aid and assist during the forthcoming campaign.
Here’s Martin’s manifesto :

The Economy:
•I will not support cuts to frontline public services within Northern Ireland.

•I pledge to cut down on paperwork and red tape so public services can maximise their efficiency.

•I will lobby Parliament to allow the Assembly to make redundancies in the civil service without having to defer to central government.

•Any stamp duty pledge from the Government should be backed up by a boost in co-operative housing schemes within Northern Ireland.

The Community:
•As a member of various community groups, I pledge to support services and charities within North Belfast.

•I will remain a key voice in the local community and will always speak up for North Belfast.

Policing and Justice:
•I will support an inquiry into whether the so called “50-50” new police recruits policy backed in the Patten Report.

•In an effort to increase efficiency I will support the removal of certain quangos.

•I will support the merger of District Policing Partnerships and the Policing Board.


•I will support the right of individuals to choose whether to send their child to either a grammar school or a comprehensive: but the choice element must remain in parent’s hands, and not in the hands of the Minister of Education.

•I will resist any attempt to increase tuition fees for students and in coming years when the national debt clears, support the phasing out of fees entirely.

•I will support a change from the first past the post voting system to a proportional representation system.

•I will support the phasing out of hereditary peers in the House of Lords, but I do not support a fully elected House of Lords.

•Nigel Dodds attended only 42.6% of votes in the House of Commons since 2005. If elected, I promise to attend at least 70% of votes in the Commons.

•I promise to quickly reply to any correspondence sent to my office, and will maintain a blog detailing my work on behalf of my constituents.

These are the main policies I would seek to implement as a member of parliament. They are also the policy points that I will lobby any successful candidate to implement. Tribalism is the scourge of our political system, it serves no other purpose than allowing politicians to play on social barriers in order to grab at power. My campaign is one based on honest policy, fair representation and a breakaway from the tired old way of doing things.
The time has come to send a message to established political parties, parties that seek to take the electorate’s support for granted, parties that believe they have a right to a vote. Show them that your support is not unconditional, that they have to earn your vote and that they have to move away from barrier politics.
Vote for the new generation of politician that has your interest, not party interest, in mind.