“in a sense it’s been erupting already for almost a month.”

RTÉ reports that European transport ministers are due to hold a special video conference today to discuss the continuing flight restrictions across Europe and the BBC notes that three Royal Navy ships are heading for “Spain and unspecified Channel ports”. There’s more coverage, including maps of the spread of the ash cloud, at the BBC here. And, via the Professor, here’s a short video converted from the Norwegian Meteorological Office’s original animated gif [14Mb] by The Map Room – “Yellow indicates ash that has fallen by itself, red ash that has fallen as a result of precipitation, and black where the ash cloud is at that moment in time.” It’s still unclear how long the ash cloud will continue to cause problems.
Update From a BBC report

The EU has moved to ease air travel curbs imposed after much of Europe’s airspace was closed because of the spread of volcanic ash from Iceland. Transport ministers said there would be a core no-fly area, another open to all flights and a third zone available for a limited service.

Adds Or maybe not – “The volcano eruption in Iceland has strengthened and a new ash cloud is spreading south and east towards the UK.”