Via the Guardian’s Media Monkey. Conservative election poster 2010. Photograph: public domain.
Conservative 2010 Election poster

  • Cynic2

    ” And this is the Iris Robinson Wing Mr Brown, where you will be confined after 6th May”

  • RepublicanStones

    Christ…it’s like a still from ‘In the Thick Of It’ !

  • Harry J
  • Pete Baker



    Harry J

    This poster, and the photograph used, is not faked.

  • Harry J

    are you saying mine was???!!!!

  • The DUPes are slow learners in this poster lark:


    That’ll go down a treat with the “imaging” company… and their lawyers.

  • Jamie
  • paul kielty

    ‘sir’ reg on the left. mr robinson on the right, of whatever ‘highness’. Exactly where ‘ulster’ unionism is in the 21st century!