Northern Ireland explodes again.

Twenty points the finger at Slugger…

  • Chris Donnelly

    Drat..and we would’ve gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for those pesky kids.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Somebody has to fill Dunseith’s shoes, he must have kept things going for an extra 10 yrs.

  • Henry94

    Like all good jokes there is a touch of truth in there somewhere. Perhaps the over-hyping of controversy may (sub-consciously of course) be aimed at drawing people back to Slugger.

    It must be a bit like being the best journalist in Kosovo in the 90s.

  • Rory Carr

    I note among the comments following upon this piece in Twenty Major that a commenter, Maggot had this assessment of David Ford:

    “He’s as much uses as tits on a boar Twenty. A top-ranking bollix made all the more objectionable by Warp Factor 9 sanctimony.”

    “Cruel,” I thought, “but not entirely unfair”.

    But it was the estimate by Twenty (if I may call him by his first name) that Slugger “could make literally hundreds of pence from this” that sealed the conspiracy for me. What man would not be tempted to sell his soul for such treasure?

  • More than a hint of the little green eyed monster who, it is well known, sits on at least one, if not both shoulders of all bloggers.

    Slugger actually closed down a thread, one that had attracted the attention of outraged republicans, at the mention of a bomb going off. It reopened later.

    It seems to me that if blogs are to be successful, and I should say at this point I am not including in any of this my own little effort, they have got to be current. If a bomb goes off and people commenting hear it they should be able to mention it without fear of closure. It is about current events and immediate reaction.

  • Stewart

    slugger has always been full of ambulance chasers who cream themselves everytime there is a bomb or a riot.

  • Stewart

    I do think if the bloody bomb goes off whilst you are sitting typing your comment, and you are lucky enough to be uninjured, you should be able to ask “what the hell was that!” without people jumping to the conclusion you are bout to start singing the praises of the bombers. Twitter had it! If its good enough for them…Perhaps Twenty will vent some of his jealous spleen on them next time.

  • Neil

    Perhaps Twenty will vent some of his jealous spleen on them next time

    What 20 article did you read? It was more of an advert than jealous spleen. He even says ‘So I point the finger at dissident O’Tooleians, fresh from their recent Irish Blog Award.’

    If you don’t understand irony, there’s more in the comments zone where dan says ‘Glad you enjoy the banter about a terrifying bomb. Wankers.’ to which twenty replies ‘Yeah, if only some people were killed so we could laugh at them too.’

    It seems to me that if blogs are to be successful, and I should say at this point I am not including in any of this my own little effort

    Nice plug, subtle.

  • Neil

    It was not a plug! Quite a few people have, to my surprise, already visited the site, they do not as a rule leave comments, which I am inclined to think tells you all you need to know. I was trying to say, before anyone else did, that I am well aware there is not contest.

    I think you are telling me Twenty was giving Slugger a back handed compliment, with the emphasis very much on the back hand.

  • Neil

    Sorry cut off again!

    I read all of it, including the comments section. Its like the BBC saying Sky won the award for best News channel…

  • Neil

    Not really. If you read some of twenties stuff, (which is great if you have a bloody sense of humour) you’ll see that when he’s giving someone a bit of stick he tends to refer to them as ‘cunts’ and be done with it. He doesn’t sit on the fence.

    Trust me, read in context that’s a friendly post, and he is a friend of this site as far as I know, probably due to the fact that he gets a periodic plug on here from Mick.

  • Greenflag

    Twenties is actin the bollix and taking urine samples all round in his missive as per usual 😉 If you haven’t got a sense of humour with a Dublinesque twist to it Twenties is probably too far ahead of ye to catch his drift .

    He’s in good form anyway . Humourously crude on ‘Skeletor and Iris but then worse has been said.

    No respect at all that Twenties chap no respect at all at all not even for the Jooze ;)?

  • aquifer

    Nostalgia bombing pretty much sums it up.