Why has the media gone easy over Adams?

Seems I’m the only one of our blogging team not to have a regular local MSM billet these days. Chris seems to be settling in nicely to the BelTel, and I notice Turgon and Fair Deal are doing guest gigs in several papers these days. This morning I have an analysis piece in the News Letters Friday politics section, which questions the differing ways in which the mainstream media handle the leaders of Northern Ireland’s two largest parties.

In passing it is interesting to note that whilst there seems to be no visibly smoking gun in the £5 ransom strip story, it is likely to have some effect in the outcome of the DUP’s election performance, if only in as far as it depresses turnout for that party. The common wisdom is that Adams’ own accusations against his own brother and father will have zero impact on Sinn Fein’s electoral outcome (and I have heard nothing so far that contradicts it) which is an interesting facet in itself, since the importance of the issues themselves have an inverse social value.