Moving around

The DUP seek to criticise Sir Reg Empey candidature in South Antrim on the basis that he is not from the area and has represented another. What’s interesting about this argument is the DUP’s own wide experience of similar actions. Nigel Dodds was roundly defeated by Roy Beggs in East Antrim in 1992, no problem with his standing. In the same election Sammy Wilson lost in Strangford, and then moved to East Antrim for the 2001 election while representing East Belfast in one body or another throughout. Willie McCrea himself represented Mid Ulster until he was defeated 1997, and still sits on Magherafelt council after his switch to South Antrim. Gregory Campbell is a native of Foyle where he lost a couple of times before moving to East Londonderry.

But somehow Reg Empey is different. That’s ok then.

I used to write and get paid, now I read and don’t.

Former UUP staffer, currently living in London. @mjshilliday