Moving around

The DUP seek to criticise Sir Reg Empey candidature in South Antrim on the basis that he is not from the area and has represented another. What’s interesting about this argument is the DUP’s own wide experience of similar actions. Nigel Dodds was roundly defeated by Roy Beggs in East Antrim in 1992, no problem with his standing. In the same election Sammy Wilson lost in Strangford, and then moved to East Antrim for the 2001 election while representing East Belfast in one body or another throughout. Willie McCrea himself represented Mid Ulster until he was defeated 1997, and still sits on Magherafelt council after his switch to South Antrim. Gregory Campbell is a native of Foyle where he lost a couple of times before moving to East Londonderry.

But somehow Reg Empey is different. That’s ok then.

  • cynic47

    This is the DUP we are talking about Michael. You just don’t get it!!

  • kelvin

    To be fair, other parties are also criticising the move…

  • Harry J

    empey said he wouldnt stand, he didnt even put his nomination in at the correct time.

    He is 3rd or 4th choice and a poor one at that, remember he only got elected to stormont on allinace transfers.

    The UUP vote at the last assembly election for the UUP in S Antrim was only 20%.

    He has also lost a councillor in ards with more to follow, he is on his way out.

    Bye reg

  • NI is now so peaceful that people are talking about where someone stands for election.

    In the meantime, a revolution has taken place over 2 days, completely replacing the old government, despite snipers firing on crowds of peasants bussed in to the capital. 70 died in 2 days, in a city of only 1 million people.

    If our politicians are really that good at resolving conflict, send them to Bishkek right now. The ones who survive will deserve our votes.

  • Garza

    Wow the DUP issuing out hypocritical double standard statments. Shocker!

    How long is this party going to continue to treat people like fools??

  • slug

    Michael – a fair post.

  • joeCanuck

    What next? Pots calling kettles black arses?

  • Framer

    William McCrea tried to become MP for South Belfast in the by-election after the murder of Rev Robert Bradford.

    This was the start of his electoral journey round Ulster.

    He is exceptionally well travelled even for a DUP candidate.

  • Manfarang

    Why not send them to Bangkok.
    The weather is a lot warmer.

  • Manfarang

    Better make that Nonthaburi.
    The red-shirts are gathering outside the Thaicom facility.

  • Carsons Cat

    Yet Reggie’s explanation for running has such a ring of credibility to it.

    Apparently he would be the only party leader not running for Westminster and therefore that’s enough reason….. Apart from the fact he’s not (David Ford isn’t running)……

    Also – in all the coverage yesterday Sir Reggie of combover never once made any reference to the people he hopes to represent, it was all about him and the UUP.

    Such arrogance

  • PACE Parent

    The voters of South Antrim will decide for themselves on their next MP. Given that S. Antrim was transformed by Enkalon and Michelin in the 1970’s with the migration and redistribution of much of Belfast’s population all this nonsense about where a candidate hails from is a political distraction from larger issues.


    As a voter in South Antrim I welcome Sir Reg with open arms and think he will be a breath of fresh air in the area.
    Its hard to judge the Unionist vote in South Antrim as we had Mr happy (Burnside) trying to out DUP the DUP and who only a mother could love.
    Sir Reg will galvinise moderate Unionists and soft Nationalists as its a straight fight between DUP-UU&C and they hate McCrea!
    Empey landslide is my opinion and really don’t care weres hes from as long as he does a good job

  • Gerry Lvs castro

    Yet more tedious Unionist in-fighting over non-issues. We effectively have two pro-agreement parties trying to steal votes off each other.

    My prediction is a crash and burn for Reg’s witless ‘new force’, with (as is) zero MPs on May 7th. At that point the UUP will have no feasible reason to exist and should throw what little weight they have left behind a united Unionist party in time for the assemblies.

    Admittedly this parochial little spat over Reg’s ‘out of area’ status is a depressingly familiar & hypocritical DUP snipe when they should just keep quiet and let Reg sweat the heavy work of trying to unseat McCrea. But then taking the moral high ground has never been a vote winner in NI has it?


    Take a look at some of our young vibrant candidates Lesley Macaulay, Paula Bradshaw & Mike Nesbitt. Full of new ideas, untainted by sleaze and scandal!
    Then look at there opponents Gregory Campbell, Jimmy Spratt and Jim Shannon and decide for yourself which party is dying on its feet!