“Can Sinn Féin do better?”

Rather than the Sinn Féin president, Gerry Adams, using “this blog” to call on “the media” to allow “a cross cutting debate on the [bread and butter] issues that are important to citizens” in this election, perhaps he should have a quiet word in the shell-like of his former comrade-in-arms associate in North Belfast, Gerry “the only candidate in the field who can win the Westminster seat for nationalism” Kelly. But does Gerry Adams really want his record on those issues to be at the centre of his campaign? As for his question to unionists – “What have the Romans has the union ever done delivered for us you?” Well, it is his favourite film…

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  • Michaelhenry

    well the romans are now out of the holy land,whatever happened to them,were they kicked out or prayed out.

  • socaire

    How many votes have you got, Mr Baker? One? Use it wisely. I reckon Ole Gerry will get enough without yours.

  • old school

    The previous Lord Gerry of West Belfast got enough votes as well.
    Didn’t make him right though. Or did it, socaire?

  • Cynic2


    Largely they interbred with the locals Michael. Just like us Prods. Why your great great great great great ……. Granddaddy may have been a Cromwellian soldier.

  • ranger1640

    Using the 2005 election results as a base:

    Nigel Dodds took 45.6% of the vote and Kelly got 28.6%.

    Even if Sinn Fein took all of the SDLP vote(which I doubt)they would still be short of the DUP.

    The DUP vote would need to fold for the shinners to take the seat. I can’t see the UUP/conservatives breaking much ice here.

    Even with the boundary changes Sinn Fein’s power base is the greater Ardoyne, Oldpark, Legoneil and New lodge.

    The DUP areas are half of the Shankill, Woodvale, Ballysillan and the Shore road.

    The SDLP are likely to gain the Antrim road Waterloo, Ben Madigan



  • Cynic2

    I agree sociare. After all, what’s a little child rape and cover up. Nothing to bother about.

    But the interesting thing this is, if I was an investor and looked at that, I would have to say, what does that say about a community? Its not just a northern phenomenon nor an issue for St Gerry. There was that case in the Republic recently where all the intelligentsia in a village lined up to wish a rapist well as he went into court and, after he had got 8 years, said it was disgraceful and sent his victim to Coventry. She had been drunk at the time and after raping her he had dumped her in skip

  • Michaelhenry

    i know cynic2 history is like that,funny but watching those old films i always backed the royalists against cromwells mob.

  • Pete Baker


    Don’t feed the trolls…

  • John McCormick


    The difference in the 2007 Assembly election was only 845 votes. The boundary changes have been kind to both Sinn fein/SDLP. Demographic change is still going in favour of the Nationalist parties in those 5 new wards and up at the new estates around ligoniel and the Dales area. My guess is that Dodds stays in but The Nationalist vote outpolls the Unionist vote for the first time.

    What do people think about the TUV standing in both East Derry and Upper Bann? These both now have Catholic populations in the 40s and the TUV is now splitting the vote three ways. Surely this could open up the possibility of a nationalist candidate sneaking in like in SB in 2005

  • Dec

    Last time you used Monty Python (“Help, help, I’m being repressed”) to have a pop at Mark (and cover up your own abundant lack of humour), I suggested you could have used this skit (half in jest) to prop up one of your repetitive sledges at SF. And 11 days later, here we are.

    NB the ‘Judean People’s Front’ sketch is still out there. You could possibly wangle it in there next time Gerry mentions ‘micro-groups’.

  • Pete Baker

    Aye, Dec.

    It’s all your fault.

    I know, I know, don’t feed the trolls…

  • ranger1640

    Joe, if there is a winner in North Belfast, with the boundary changes it will be the SDLP the new wards form Newtownabbey are well off working class/middle class nationalist. The area of Cloughfern, would be more natural DUP ground.

    So I anticipate a small rise in the SDLP vote and stability in the DUP vote. With the who-ha around Adams, I’m not sure how SF will do?

  • John McCormick

    Ranger 1640,

    For sure Cloughfern is natural DUP ground and it’s sure to help the Dodds camp. The Newtonabbey ward that is good for the SDLP is Collinbridge. The Glebe and Glengormley wards would be more SF leaning as most come from the areas you mentioned earlier. There is still a good Unionist vote in three of the wards so all is to fight for I feel.

    Regarding Adams in could be that people will just not come out to vote SF as there is no alternative Republican voice standing for election. I couldn’t believe Ross came out of retirement to fight this election. It could be that along with Calvert all they will do is encourage a higher than usual Nationalist vote. People will now be told the seat is winnable and most will believe it. I don’t know how the TUV are going to spin this? IMHO they have made 11 instead of 9 seats winnable For the Nationalist parties.

  • redhugh78

    what who-ha around Adams? oh the one on Slugger you mean?
    delusions of grandure and all that lol.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Given who features in this entry, did you know Kelly recently moved out of his constituency and now lives in Adams’s? Dead handy for the Felons.

  • Mick Fealty

    I’ll be doing a North Belfast round up later in the campaign…

  • Lionel Hutz

    The election is stirring up quite nicely in my opinion. Nearly half the seats are up for grabs now.

    In fact, even the safe ones are going to be interesting. Will Robbo get a knock or two, how about Adams? How will Allister get on? Will Ruane’s career be destroyed after by an SDLP election, I mean selection and by selection I mean unfair discriminatory rejection?

  • Seems like the best answer for the Future is, whenever the Monty Python Flash Sketch is so true, to bring back Romans, who had loads of Gods if I remember well and weren’t averse to an orgy or three and the joys of fornication. Ah yes, Ye Good Ole Days and Better Nights with Gallant Knights.

    In Postmodern Novel Guise, you can have them doing Practically Anything and Everything Needed and Chronicle the Tales of their Fabulous Outrageously Creative Deeds for Future Generations, just like as Before only Different this Time in these Modern Spaces and Places with a Similar Set of Universally Acceptable, Mutually Beneficial and Pleasurable Objectives.

  • british citizen

    “The Glebe and Glengormley wards would be more SF leaning as most come from the areas you mentioned earlier.”

    Posted by John McCormick on Apr 08, 2010 @ 01:11 AM

    Though the SF vote in this area could be damaged by the allegations of physical, sexual and mental abuse against children by the SF councillor elected from these wards.

    Plus there might possibly be another similar story hitting the papers between now and the election about two other SF members in the same area who also had children removed from their care in years gone by…

    We shall have to wait and see.

  • RobertEmmett

    will the “no water charges” wall murals be making a return for the duration of this election?


    West Belfast is in a dreadful state, how much of this is down to being unrepresented in Westminister I wonder???
    Bread and butter issues Gerry? Dont make me laugh!

  • [b]Politicians are Public Servants elected by the People to provide the People’s Wishes and NOT to Impose New and Unwelcome Charges that Rule and Impoverish them and Create Division and Animosity in Communities[/b]

    [quote][i]will the “no water charges” wall murals be making a return for the duration of this election?[/i] …. Posted by RobertEmmett on Apr 08, 2010 @ 09:51 AM [/quote]

    If you don’t want water charges tell them that you don’t want water charges ….. and if money is needed for Services newly dreamt up for Payment then the Banks will magically supply what is needed for that is what they do for themselves and their friends is it not, although not for you …… yet.

    That is a Work in Progress to Save the World …. rather than line their greedy pockets whilst they try to insist that you also pay them parasitic ransoms for using the pretty paper they print to cover the credit they conjure up from thin air and distribute to accounts which can keep them afloat and out of jail for the scam that they pull on the World.

    If I was in their shoes, jail would be the least of my worries whenever the mob calls for a “chat” and in fact it may very well be the safest place to be.

  • John McCormick


    That’s a fair point and i think SF lost some votes in SS and Markets due to the McCartney murder in 2005.

  • Chris Donnelly

    did you know Kelly recently moved out of his constituency and now lives in Adams’s?

    A news hound by day really should be up on these things a tad better. Kelly’s lived in west Belfast for as long as I’ve known him and, really, where an elected rep resides isn’t regarded as that big an issue with the electorate across the board (see Reg in Sth Antrim, Mitchel in Sth Antrim, Willie in Sth Antrim, Paisley Jnr in North Antrim, etc etc.)

  • Dixie Elliott

    Chris Donnelly…

    Gerry in Cloud-cuckoo-land?

  • Chris Donnelly