Protected subspecies

When I get round to giving my views on Moloney’s ‘Voices from the Grave’ I won’t be commenting much, if at all, on the allegations directed at Adams, other senior shinners and people loyal to their project. Those aspects have had a thorough enough airing elsewhere and to be honest are neither new or particularly enlightening.

There is one aspect of this that is leaping out for me though and I’ll mention it here so I can keep it away from any review I do later:

Several people are named in the book as being directly involved in some very serious activities, activity that could still carry a prison sentence. However, others that are mentioned in the book have their names redacted. If the book is a Voice from the Grave, why is some of what is said censored? Are others mentioned more likely to sue? Or has the author decided to protect some from unproven allegations and denied the same protection to others?

Just asking like.