An Phoblacht – expanding through consolidation or going digital, then gone?

Back in early 2005 the ‘republican’ (Sinn Féin supporting) Daily Ireland launched with high expectations. Within a year it dropped its Saturday edition claiming ‘consolidation’. A few months later that consolidation became closure with a promise of:

A web presence will continue at

That web presence didn’t last long.Now after a SF Ard Fheis motion:

34. This Ard Fheis commends the setting up of a Media Unit in light of the increasing importance of new media technologies in 21st century politics.
Comhairle Ceantair na nOllscoileanna


An Phoblacht has decided to drastically scale back its print editions and go for online focus.

IN a significant development, An Phoblacht, the voice of republicanism, is soon to be transformed. In the coming weeks the print edition of the republican paper will become a monthly publication and a brand new An Phoblacht website will be launched, including an online daily news service; up-to-the-minute videos featuring interviews; historic film footage; and an archive section with access to thousands of photographs and historic republican material including back issues of An Phoblacht/Republican News.

Given SF’s already excellent online offering it is hard to see how transforming An Phoblacht into a competitor will work. I’d suggest we could be seeing the death throws of ‘Irelands biggest selling political weekly’ as it goes mainly digital and then is inevitably consumed by a party website that will attract more hits.

Or as they hope it could just get even ‘better’.

  • sdelaneys

    If it disappears some will argue that that is ‘getting better.’

  • Mark McGregor

    Must read for me. Never miss it but I now have to get into the habit of checking daily not on a Friday. Hope they live up to the promise of content.

  • Shannon_Republican

    Will they also be allowing readers to win bottles of their Sinn Fein Water?

  • Mark McGregor

    I worked out my line on the water too late:

    ‘SF, turning water into whine’

  • Shannon_Republican

    Mark I think we can both agree that “Whine” is the correct term for Sinn Fein!

  • Michaelhenry

    i think the correct term is win not whine.

  • Shannon_Republican

    Win?? what have they won ?

  • Michaelhenry

    them shannon,the term is us,read and learn.

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy Collins

    Personally I see it as another example of the leadership of sinn fein’s control fetish.

  • redhugh78

    Makes sense to me, no more ‘War News’ which was why most people read it.

  • Brian MacAodh

    They should change it’s name to whatever is Gaelic for “The Constitutional Monarchy”

  • Jimmy Sands

    Did AP ever get those NIO adverts?

  • kellbeag

    No big loss then considering that the A/town news has gradually been adopting the mantle of being the official organ of “repulicanism” of late.

  • Cynic2

    Daily Ireland misled us? {Gulp}…I am like totally shocked

  • Cynic2

    “the A/town news has gradually been adopting the mantle of being the official organ of “repulicanism””

    …… sustained only by large doses of viagra

  • Cynic2

    what have they won ?

    * seats in a British Assembly at Stormont
    * British salaries paid in good old Pounds with the picture of Liz on them, not ersatz Euros
    * British Ministerial Posts in a UK Assembly (Subordinate to Westminster)
    * Nice offices, mahogany desks and flat panel TVs
    * Ministerial Cars (a few)
    * their own blogs (some)

  • Brian MacAodh

    At least their comrades are out of jail