Slugger wins top Irish political blog award…

Just a quick note to express my thanks and gratitude to Damien and all the judges of the Irish Blog Awards this year… For the first time since the, er, first time (back in 2006) Slugger claimed a gong in Galway on Saturday night… Sadly, none of us were there to pick it up on the night so the would be singers of Danny Boy were disappointed with our ‘no show’… One of our occasional southern bloggers Naoise Nunn was eventually on hand (after being recalled from the bar) to take the trophy home for safe keeping… Whatever merit we have earned, the last year has been a great collective effort by all… So thanks our often long suffering bloggers and all our contributors (or the ball playing ones at least)…

  • Michaelhenry

    just one of many, well done,

  • Keithbelfast

    about time.

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy Collins


  • Justin Case…

    Without being rude or wanting to cause offense I would have to say I disagree with Slugger winning this award.

    Whilst yes occasionally Slugger does come up with a semi interesting piece, more often or not the stories are rehash of old news mixed in with a few personal vendettas by Brian Walker.

    Where has all the genuine political debate gone? Where are all the genuine political bloggers? With the exception of Turgon and Mark McGregor, Slugger doesn’t have any.

    Mick, just a quick bit of advice, instead of rushing to fill the list of Slugger bloggers (particularly with half a dozen Irish ones who post one or two and then don’t come back) you should actively seek to gain a new list of bloggers. You still have not got an Ulster Unionist blogger and still haven’t replaced the Fair Deal.

    I know you are busy and all, but the decline of Slugger is now beginning to be talked about in circles. By looking through the slugger archives it is clear this site lost a swathe of capable commentators. You are also beginning to lose ground to smaller, like corporate driven blogs who are genuinely encouraging debate.

  • RepublicanStones

    Congrats all round. Was listen to 2FM’s preview on the way up from Dublin. It sounds like the prizes play second fiddle to the pints.

    Also Mick, another swipe by Atticus again this week. What’d you do to them?

  • wee buns

    Well done.

  • Mick Fealty


    Cannot disagree with too much of that. Although I would say I have been hearing about the decline of Slugger since late 2006… The truth is that Northern Ireland political life is fitful at best… I guess it is up to us to press our suit deeper and, if we can, wider…

    It is getting increasingly hard to suspend disbelief when the main political game here seems to be rigged in favour of the incumbents (and I don’t mean just the incumbents of OFMdFM), even more than under the ‘normal’ democratic dispensation…

    What do you do when you are a dissident, for what seem to you to be completely legitimate and, more often than not, non paramilitary reasons.

    In fact it is a good (not to mention inevitable) thing that others are beginning to chime in with good stuff… The question of value will only be settled in the longer term… As Evgeny at Publius noted a couple of years ago:

    “…the blogosphere is no longer the pristine land that it used to be. Corporations, PR agencies, and extremists are taking to it in droves for precisely the same reasons that activists, journalists, and pundits did a few years earlier: blogs are often anonymous, they help with quick mobilization and offer a much cheaper way of campaigning.”

    That’s the primary benefit these new connective technologies imbue, and ndicative of the problems they pull in in their wake… As Hemingway noted nearly fifty years ago…

    Returning to the point in hand, things on Slugger have been on hold for a while whilst we await the new site’s arrival… I hope we can start to move forward when we officially ‘move over’…


    I really don’t know, but someone is not very happy at all

  • Munsterview


    heartiest congratulations and as Brendan Behan said to O’Reilly many moons ago when he visited him in Heinz shortly after Tony became president of the Company to wish him well, ‘ F*** The Begrudgers!’

  • Comhghairdeas ar do ghradam. Congrats on your award. I hope to see debates as Gaeilge back on slugger soon, maybe when you ‘pass over’ to the ‘other site’

  • Greenflag

    ‘The truth is that Northern Ireland political life is fitful at best…’

    That it is . The only thing going for it is it’s ‘uncertainty’ which seems to have evolved to a kind of ‘acceptable’ certain uncertainty .

    Congrats on the award and on the aspect of the blogosphere no longer being the ‘pristine ‘ much less the promised land I’m reminded of the somewhat outmoded ‘fallacy of composition’

    When everybody is a blogger nobody is a blogger 😉

    I’ll second Munsterview’s Behanistic remark above .

    I hope the new site arrives before big E day .

  • Henry94

    Congratulations Mick et al. If it was an award for being perfect I’m sure we could all crib Justin. But it’s for being the best around and I can’t argue with that despite everything.

    The energy and commitment that people put into blogs is admirable and it’s nice to see it recognised in Slugger’s case.

  • granni trixie

    Justin Case: how rude, for whilst you are entitled to your view there is a time and a place. I presume that Mick et al put a lot of donkey work in behind the scenes and find public recognition welcome.

    So Well Done Chaps/chapesses!

    And what is the “genuine poltitical debate” you say is lacking. I personally am an anorak as regards analysing political strategies and the Troubles and believe that I have benefited from reading views and getting to know others who hold different views. I also have a bit of fun,not to be underestimated.

    Also, in the confines of NI, it is a relief to have a space where you can create and manipulate whatever identity you chose.

    I agree with you that some topics are not covered but often there are reasons why. The Peter Robinson story dominating for instance meant it was a good day to bury the Ricky-Martin-coming -out-story which ofcourse astonishes us all;alas Ricky’s story will have to wait for another day.