“The toothpaste is out of the tube…”

According to BBC political correspondent Martina Purdy on Stormont Live today, Castlereagh Borough Council have been trying, in vain, to recall a statement they issued announcing a 6th May date for the by-election to elect a replacement for former DUP councillor Iris Robinson in the Castlereagh East ward. The Council statement was apparently dated for tomorrow, 24th March, but neglected to mention an embargo on the news. Adds From Mark Devenport’s diary

Let’s hijack other elements of this timetable – scrap the trip to Buckingham Palace and replace it with a coffee with the PM and the Mayor of Castlereagh, maybe at a local cafe (any recommendations?) After all, the Council knew the date before the Queen.


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  • Can anyone suggest why such an announcement would be sensitive enough to need an embargo?

  • Alan

    Other announcements ?

  • joeCanuck

    I’ve asked before but I will again. Can a mentally ill person, supposedly, give informed consent to resign from positions? Who is protecting her interests? I’m not volunteering; I’m no fan of hers.

  • JC,

    Does anyone know if the pre-signed resignation letters that the DUP request of their representatives have any bearing on the legality of this matter?

  • joeCanuck

    My belief, 1967, is that those letters are worthless trash. The Party leader didn’t elect their MPs, MLAs and Councillors, the electorate did. All they could possibly be used for would be to dismiss them from the Party and the Party would have to be very certain that due process was followed. (Remember wee Jeffrey being thrown out of the UUP and being reinstated by a Court?). Can’t see a Judge upholding the dismissal of someone who is mentally ill.

  • iluvni

    Is Mrs Robinson less, more or as ill as Margaret Moran claimed to be?

  • joeCanuck

    I didn’t think Margaret Moran was sick. Didn’t she just have dry rot somewhere? In her brain?

  • My post #1 above went in before the “Adds” and the link to Mark Devenport.

    Somehow, I doubt that Downing Street have confided in Castlereagh BC. Actually, I doubt if a firm decision on the date is yet nailed down. It’ll depend on the economic, trade, inflation, unemployment and other stats. Still, Castlereagh BC are entitled to take a blind stab at saving a few bob by having a Twofer.

    Now, has anyone considered that the broken embargo might be a double-bluff? That someone is trying to get Castlereagh BC into the news more neutrally, if not favourably than of late?

  • joeCanuck @ 05:27 PM:

    What comes my way is that Lutonians are astounded that anyone has located Ms Moran: she has been AWOL from any constituency duties and incommunicado for some time.

    One Labour Party source harrumphed that they’d given up on a search party: it was time for a hit squad and a “wet job”. I’m almost certain that wasn’t to be taken seriously.

  • Rory Carr

    My associates in Luton assure me that the lovely Margaret Moran is not sick. It is simply that her perma-tan has lost some of its lustre in recent days.

    If, as has been rumored, media goddess, Esther Rantzen is poised to replace Moran as MP then the good citizens of Luton South can rest assured that the fine old tradition of having a representative with a keen interest in personal wealth and the discreet application of make-up will not be discontinued.