Greed triumphs over lust for power

Even the Tory blogs haven’t registered the full impact of the Dispatches sting operation yet. Are they worried about tempting fate? ConservativeHome’s webpage presents the cornucopia of stories that sets the scene of the most confusing pre-election period ever. Labour’s problem was getting caught on camera over lobbying. Polls are still narrowing, yet the Force seems with the Conservatives, who get a boost from the news under the Sun classic headline “Wham Bam” Sam Cam set to be Mam”. The three suspended former cabinet ministers make the usual pleas that they acted within the rules but yet again this makes no difference. Like expenses, paid lobbying has been a poorly concealed IED waiting to go off. And if you haven’t had enough, there are all those undeclared foreign jollies. Labour are desperate to share the pain with the Tories but I claim no originality in feeling that the stench is overpowering and whatever they do this could be the last nail in Labour’s coffin. Labour’s fading hopes rest with tomorrow’s Budget giving voters’ hope that payback time after the election mightn’t be as dire as they fear….