Not pipped at the post

Ciaran Murphy has a lot to say and while occasionally off key he says it with integrity:

  • Michaelhenry

    i read what he had to say,he does not say who he actually suppurts,maybe looking for a bigger audience.

  • Mark McGregor


    When I last met Ciaran he was an anarchist, I think he may be a RNU member now but can’t be sure. I’d have linked his song whatever he was supporting.

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Mark McGregor,
    I know I know. I get confused too.
    So few dissidents……so many “organisations”.

    but all the local Brixton ASBO seeking RWA (Republicans With Attitude) at heart.

  • Michaelhenry

    jesus wept,a rnu member,those who oppose the peelers now that the armed british army are off our strees.

  • Mark McGregor


    Haven’t you got horses to paint? Or are they drying while you troll – again?

  • aquifer

    So its all about the workers of the 32 county republic. Is that the ones trying to get home to their families on friday or the ones trying to go to the republic on saturday?

    Did Patten happen? Maybe police forces tend to look the same if you are a criminal or a murderer.

    Is the sectarian separatist complaint really that the PSNI is more efficient than the RUC?

    They seem to have jailed a lot of hoods.

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Mr McGregor,
    Sadly no horses to paint. But its nice that you take an interest in my hobbies, including those Ive never mentioned on Slugger O’Toole.
    Its almost like being “stalked”.
    As for trolling.well as I mentioned last week I will be out of “Slugger range” until about 11th April. Im looking forward to it.
    All I can do is hope that from tonight my fellow trolls step up to the plate to cover for me.

  • ordinary joe

    Horses can contain a lot of lead and should NOT be handled by young children, Mark.

  • slappymcgroundout

    “Ciaran Murphy has a lot to say and while occasionally off key he says it with integrity”

    Unfortunately, integrity doesn’t rule out either ignorance or stupidity. Ditto malice. I’ll cut Ciaran some slack and I’ll rule out malice. Nevertheless, his “integrity” is sin and not virtue when it comes with an ignorance or stupidity that leads to mass excess death. On that note, while what Ciaran calls “global capitalism” is hardly perfect, the same is infinitely preferable to the leftist economics, etc., of Stalin’s USSR, Mao’s China, and purportedly Democratic Kampuchea, call them workers paradise, one and all. And perhaps Ciaran would prefer the KGB and Angka Leu’s chlop to “British spies”. The dumbass.

  • Seosamh913

    I’ve heard this and other of Ciaran’s songs before. This one still sounds like not much more than tuneless whining to me I’m afraid.

  • JaneJeffers

    Do you literally mean he sings “off-key” or is this a comment on his message?

  • sdelaneys

    Not a great singer but I like the song and, yes, ‘they’ll allways be the ruc to me’.

  • Seosamh913

    JaneFeffers, the singing is ok, the tune itself doesn’t add up to much and the lyrics are just one big whine.

  • Thanks mark, I found his foot stomping rebel song to good not to steal.

    I haven’t heard sin and music mentioned together since Mary Whitehouse fell off her twig, get a life, stamp your feet and enjoy, it’s the beat that counts Man.

  • west belfast

    All we need now are flairs wrangler jeans and a demin jacket that too small, sideburns and long hair and the ability to shout “yooooooo!!” in a ridiculously loud voice!! Ah the 70s – such great times!

  • slappymcgroundout

    I haven’t heard sin and music mentioned together since Mary Whitehouse fell off her twig, get a life, stamp your feet and enjoy, it’s the beat that counts Man.”

    A couple of items by way of my reply:

    (1) I have a life
    (2) For the beat:

    Tokyo Ondo is sung by the fans of the Tokyo Yakult Swallows when their team scores a run. When they score against the hated Yomiuri Giants the song is preceded by a few recitations of, kutabare Yomiuri (with kutabare meaning anything from go to hell to f you):

    Lastly, and by the way, the umbrellas are to send the other team’s pitcher a message, to wit, you better hope it rains since you’re going to get shelled now…

    (3) Re sin and music together, apparently, you are woefully unappreciative of the power of words.

    (4) For more on why he’s a dumbass, from the film Cry Freedom:

    Biko: A lot of us are going to die for nothing if our systems turns us into a black version of theirs.

    Soga: I could accept that.

    Biko: A bent policeman is a bent policeman, Soga, he breaks the same heads for the same reasons. To exchange a black one for a white one, not worth the price of even one child.

    I’ll let you take out the chalk and that tablet of stone so that you might mark up how many dead children before the dumbass learns that lesson.

  • old school

    west belfast re:#15.
    Why do you refer to the 70s?
    Belfast Media, which is funded by the British Government, and is heavily linked to PSF, in an editorial today, described the PSNI as “armed servants of the British State”, and demanded to know why dissidents weren’t targetting them.
    Worthy of a thread on it’s own, but I can’t start threads.
    I wonder what their paymasters will think of this blooper.

  • aquifer

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