If at first you can’t convict him…try, try, try, beat, try, try, try again

Gary Donnelly has faced numerous failed charges of assualt on British police officers as a BBC report from September 2009 notes:

Irish News journalist Seamus McKinney gave evidence that Mr Donnelly had been bundled to the ground by police officers as he paused to acknowledge the crowd.

Judge Bates said he had been “impressed” by Mr McKinney’s evidence.

Speaking outside the court, Mr Donnelly said it was now the fourth occasion he had been charged with assaulting police and the charges had been dismissed.

In January even a British judge stated:

The District Judge said while there were a number of discrepancies in the evidence given by police officers during the trial, he believed the discrepancies proved that the officers had not colluded before giving their evidence.

“However, it surprises me somewhat that no-one took seriously enough Mr. Donnelly’s protestations that his arm was broken”, Mr. McElholm said.

Despite being only fined £450 at this stage, after appeal he was gaoled for seven months.

Then after being removed from the republican wing in Magheraberry Donnelly commenced a seven Hunger Strike. This appears to have stopped today with the ending of his segregatation from other republican prisoners.