Winding Up? They’re having a laugh

David Burnside resigned from the Assembly on 1 June 2009, at that point he was switched over to claiming expenses via a Winding Up Allowance

Winding Up Allowance

Winding Up Allowance is paid to a former Member to allow him or her to bring their Assembly business to an orderly close. Office Costs Allowance is not payable from the date on which a former Member ceases to be a Member of the Assembly. Winding Up Allowance (like OCA) can only be claimed for actual receipted expenditure. During 2009-2010 Winding Up Allowance has been paid to one Member

Burnside’s most recent accounts for not being a member of the Assembly show a claim of £15,789.09 from June 09. Francie Brollie has also received £4,929.30 thus far for Winding Up.

Suggestions that Sammy Wilson is receiving this Allowance while still a member of the Assembly seem to be inaccurate. Claims for 14p whoopee cushions may also be fiction.

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