Six nations final Weekend

Fixtures, all on Saturday:

France 12-10 England, 19:45
Ireland 20-23 Scotland, 17:00
Wales 33-10 Italy, 14:30

Three home wins surely…..
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Update from Western Mail: The Worse Six Nations in History?

Strange old season with even France disappointing yesterday. Didn’t see Ireland but away Scottish win impressive?
Prediction Result below : Well done Mrazik!Mrazik 21
BryanS, Clanky, 19
Chris Donnelly, Intelligence Insider, Mark McGregor, Reader 18
Gmacor, John M, Articles, 17
Greenflag 16
Tochais Sora, George, 15
Jimmy Sands, Villager 14
Iluvni, Panic, Mod U and Mayoman, 13
N Exile, 12
georgieleigh, 9
Dewi, 8