Six nations final Weekend

Fixtures, all on Saturday:

France 12-10 England, 19:45
Ireland 20-23 Scotland, 17:00
Wales 33-10 Italy, 14:30

Three home wins surely…..
O’Driscoll on the new tackle law interpretation
England an unpalatable mess
Wales need to stop treating players like adults
Gerald Davies on France
Update from Western Mail: The Worse Six Nations in History?

Strange old season with even France disappointing yesterday. Didn’t see Ireland but away Scottish win impressive?
Prediction Result below : Well done Mrazik!Mrazik 21
BryanS, Clanky, 19
Chris Donnelly, Intelligence Insider, Mark McGregor, Reader 18
Gmacor, John M, Articles, 17
Greenflag 16
Tochais Sora, George, 15
Jimmy Sands, Villager 14
Iluvni, Panic, Mod U and Mayoman, 13
N Exile, 12
georgieleigh, 9
Dewi, 8

  • BryanS

    what is the leading score in our little competition?

  • dmcoop

    Can’t wait, flying to Belfast tonight and then getting the train down to Dublin tomorrow. Never been to Croke Park before. Anyone have some good recommendations where I can get some refreshment before the game?

  • Skintown Lad

    Every article I read on the ‘new tackle law intrepretation’ fails to explain what the new intrepretation actually is! Can anyone help?

  • Dewi

    Bryan S:

    Mrazik 19
    BryanS, Clanky, 17
    Chris Donnelly, Intelligence Insider, Mark McGregor, 16
    Gmacor, John M, Ariticles, 15
    Reader, Greenflag, Tochais Sora, 14
    Villager, George, 13
    Jimmy Sands, 12
    Iluvni, Panic, Mod U and Mayoman, 11
    N Exile, 10
    georgieleigh, 7
    Dewi, 6

  • Dewi
  • BryanS

    Congratulations Mrazik….. I guess everyone will have gone for 3 home wins this weekend.
    Dewi?????? How come?

  • Dewi

    Yeah Bryan – my problem is I always go for Welsh Grand Slams and England to lose all their games….it’ll happen one day…..and I underestimated France after NZ hammered them in the autumn.

  • If Ireland win by 30 points or more then Irish allegiance will switch to our large poorly behaved neighbour.


    have you paid up your tenner to Slugger?

  • Dewi

    Mod U – I’ll let it run untill our bet on best performance in Europe crystallises in my favour….

  • BryanS

    Heart ruling head then Dewi!

  • Greenflag

    So an Irish win will mean the 5th Triple Crown in seven years ? Surely a record for any of the home nations ?

    I’ll be hoping for England to beat France by about 47 points in Paris πŸ˜‰

    Scotland will want to upset the party no doubt and as saw in the Wales v Scotland game they can almost do it on the day .

  • Dewi

    Wales 1976 – 1979 won 4 in a row…..and 6 between 1900 and 1911.

  • Dewi

    Updated with interesting piece in the Western Mail.

  • Lugs Brannigan

    Pat Kenny making a dick of himself on live radio while discussing rugby a few years ago!

  • dmcoop

    Just heard that the rugby special trains have been cancelled tomorrow because of a security alert. Bastards.

  • Greenflag

    As always Dewi I’ll bow to your attention to detail in matters rugby statistical πŸ˜‰

    Still 5 out of 7 in modern times would be no small feat .

  • Mrazik

    Can’t even remember what I predicted for tomorrow but I fancy an England upset (and also have a queasy feeling about the Scots)!

    If I’m right it’s cos’ I’m Mystic Mrazik, init…

  • Dewi,

    Italy are given a 15 point start by Paddy Power, 10 of those fast devaluing thingies with the funny woman’s head on it says that they will win with this head start. You up for it but?

  • Dewi

    Whatever.i really don t care….

  • Greenflag,

    Wales’s wins were pre-professionalism when the Ireland team comprised the odd decent Northern Prod and the occasional good player from the south and the rest were a bunch of fat doctors who were not good enough to play GAA or ladyball.

  • lamhdearg

    bleu le bleu

  • Just heard that the rugby special trains have been cancelled tomorrow because of a security alert. Bastards.

    Posted by dmcoop on Mar 19, 2010 @ 04:37 PM

    Those responsible are trying to unify the island. They do it by threatening the train link between the island’s two largest cities. As you can tell, they’re not the sharpest tools in the toolbox.

    Hope you make it to the game.

  • Excellent result for Ireland’s under 20s which puts the champioship all but in the bag although we did have the assistance of 2 Welsh qualified players who perhaps could have been helpful to Wales who only just sneaked past Italy.

  • Dewi,

    have paid slugger the tenner.

    Note to self and to Ireland – just turning up is not enough to win but delighted for Scotland – shame it was at our expense.

  • the future is bright the future is orange

    performance of the weekend go to the scots and the english – would never have thought we#d lose at home to scotland!! and england were awsome against a subdued french side.

  • Greenflag

    Lost it at the lineouts and scrums . Not enough ball for the backs . Scots deserved their win on the day the ‘bastard’ party poopers πŸ˜‰ Close but no cigar.
    What will the IRFU do about the 30,000 fans who won’t fit into Lansdowne next year ?

  • Panic, these ones like it up em.

    Greenflag said

    ” What will the IRFU do about the 30,000 fans who won’t fit into Lansdowne next year ? ”

    Captalism would suggest make the tickets more expensive (supply and demand and all that jazz)

    To more serious matters “Irish scrumagging(?)”

    I believe that the other deficiencies from yesterday can be rectified but prop forwards (Oh where are thee)

    Also nice of the Rugby Authorities to decide to interpret a rule in an updated manner 3/4 ways through a tournament (?)

    Ireland had been availing(?) of the ball from the previous interpretation often/handsomely.

    I know that rugby rules are broad and luxurient but it would be nice/convenient to have the same rules for the duration of one six week competition.

  • Dewi

    Updated with prediction result.

  • Greenflag


    ‘it would be nice/convenient to have the same rules for the duration of one six week competition.’

    And uncommon common sense as well. Which it seems is in ever shorter supply the further up the organisational chain be it rugby, soccer, politics , banking or religion one goes πŸ™

  • the future is bright the future is orange

    i waz robbed – I demand a recount dewi!!!

  • Dewi

    1,2,3….19,20….Nope still 20 FBFO…

  • Mrazik

    Hi Dewi

    Just picked this up now but don’t worry about any prize for me; give something to charity instead!

    Watched the Ireland game with a Welsh friend and wasn’t surprised that Scotland got a result. They deserved one. Can’t wait for Ulster to beat the Ospreys, however, at the rearranged rearranged game (what’s that all about!?).

    The Irish love to hate the English rugby fraternity due to its arrogance and sense of entitlement. Yet, these charges could now be leveled at Irish pundits and media. Looking on the bright side, at least the shortcomings were evident for all to see and hopefully they try to sort them out before the next 6 Nations and World Cup.

  • Dewi

    Sure Mrazik – Slugger the usual beneficiary..