Orange celebrate the green

Stoneyford’s Pride of the Village [sick] seem in full flow.

Cllr Brian Heading (SDLP) informs Slugger that celebrations in the village continued with their early start:

Apparently the band had its weekly practice event last night, a loop hole in the determination is the band walking into a field (Private Property); which is allegedly owned by H*****’s father. As it is private property they can parade until the cows come home. ..Might be a chance the band could pull a fast one and not parade at all tomorrow night leaving a lot of police resources tied up.

Also, six are apparently “bound over” from previous indiscretions and may not want to chance it.

I spoke to a few members of the orange lodge today and they are not happy with the band or its past behaviour. If the determination is ignored by moving on to private property it will be the two fingered salute to the commission, the police and those hoping to build on good community relations.

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