Huge support for Rights Bill claimed (again)

I’m quite surprised to see that the Bel Tel has run a poll, plus an op ed, to test the waters for the much abused idea of a NI Bill of Rights. A slight tilt in editorial policy at work here perhaps? Useful too because it coincides with the latest consultation concluding at the end of the month. I’ve said my piece so I won’t repeat myself. Don’t shout, I know what you think of polls, especially those you disagree with.. If people are asked : “ Do you vote for Christmas?” they’d say yes assuming they’re not turkeys or devout non-Christians or atheists or maybe Pete. Still and all… From the Bel Tel

The findings also show that a minority of people, some 40%, felt that having just the two rights were sufficient, while 44% argued they were not. When polled on socio-economic rights, however — such as the right to adequate accommodation or an adequate standard of living — up to 95% of respondents felt that this was very important. In summary, 83% of people felt that there should be more than just the two rights recommended by Government included in the Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland.

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