House of cowards? *Caution spooks may be at work*

I’ve previously noted allegations coming from the Irish Republican Socialist Movement that Kevin ‘Bap’ McQuillan a Republican Network for Unity (RNU) press officer was a British agent. He may or may not still be an RNU member, they aren’t particularly clear on this issue. It does look certain those allegations sank their Irish Republican Forum for Unity initiative with the 32CSM & IRSP seemingly unwilling to take risks on cooperating with the RNU.

Today, in response to an Irish News article, Mairtin óg Meehan has published a letter across numerous websites purporting to be from a former Special Branch Officer naming him and other senior members of the RNU as long term British assets.

ADDS – interestingly several of those named as British agents at the top table of the RNU made an issue of being declined éirígí membership before shortly surfacing in senior positions in the RNU.

Additional ADD – title updated to reflect concerns over the source of this story