Adams feted in Boston…

Pretty much everyone we’ve spoken to on the subject, say that Gerry Adams is treated as a super star here in Boston (aka, ‘the universal hub’ in local parlance)… As Kevin Cullen of the Boston Globe notes, he has access to some of the most exclusive clubs in the city. Tonight he’s speaking at the Irish American Clover Club, the subject of some local controversy when the incumbent Governor, Deval Patrick, pulled out of a speaking engagement in December when he learned it was a male only club (you can listen to the local talk radio WRKO taking the mick here). As Cullen notes: “650 men will attend tonight’s dinner at the Park Plaza Hotel, about 100 more than were scheduled to attend the dinner at which Patrick canceled his appearance.”

  • Grizzly is a leg.

  • redhugh78

    how very interesting….not.

  • old school

    Tuxedos and limos.
    …..meanwhile his constituency of over 20 years,remains the most impoverished hole in western Europe.

  • Coll Ciotach

    all the more reason to speak to the men of money – but then some people would not be happy unless ye were sitting on the bones of yer arse

  • Alias

    It was nice of these Irish-American groups to forgive Mr Adams for appointing a British agent, Dennis Donaldson, to liaise with them.

    Since the US state always supported British sovereignty over the formerly disputed territory, it was important to neutralise the Irish-American lobby groups, thereby ensuring that they also promoted a British state agenda albeit unwittingly thinking it must be an Irish agenda because the state-sponsored Shinners/Provos were sponsoring it.

    Boston, of course, had its own touts since its Provo sympathizers ran guns to NI from there (with the Shinner’s Martin Ferris being the victim of an FBI sting) in addition to running much of Boston’s prostitutes and drug trade. Still, is it any wonder that the Provos in the US were every bit as infiltrated as the Provos in NI when the same touts were leading them?

  • Paddy

    I guess Peter King and the rest of the gung ho “Iraq is ours” republicans were there supporting Gerry, the brother of Liam.

  • old school

    He´s been attending these St. Paddys Day´s jamborees for almost 20 years ffs.
    Yes he´s meeting men of money, and he seems to be doing very well from it, thankyou very much.
    If it´s investment for his constituents he´s after he should try St Paddys Day in Japan, Taiwan, or even Germany.
    If a Stoop was M.P for the area, you´d no doubt be furious, Coll, and yelling about junkets.

  • old school

    Meanwhile Bernadette McAliskey, who once earned the “keys to Ney York City, ” is denied entry to the States, due to her Anti GFA stance.
    Will any of the 650 men raise the issue of the U.S State Dept. policy of censorship and barring of opponents of Adams

  • Coll Ciotach

    No I would not – I would be all for it – in fact politicians from my party will be meeting the Irish diaspora in all parts of the world and indeed meeting influencers and such who are not part of the diaspora in order to develop relationships.

    I would be a hypocrite to denounce Adams. Power to him.

  • old school

    The only investment Adams will be returning with is for his own ventures, and his little Empire.
    The likes of Andytown News, bottled water, his little slush funds in West Belfast and Derry, Sinn Fein run community groups etc.
    all in the guise of “peace and reconciliation” of course.
    But your missing the whole point of these trips.
    An ego to be massaged, and a few photo ops.

  • old school

    When John Hume was the poster boy in the States, and Gerry was barred from entry, guess who was condemning Hume for junketing with “the Pro-British, American Administration”?
    Answers on a postcard to Coll.

  • Coll Ciotach

    Disagree with you entirely – Adams is ensuring that the link with the Irish in America is not only maintained but improved. I am all for it. He may even get money for the Likes of West Belfast. Even better. Your begrudgery amuses me. There is nothing he can do to please you. Even if he is a political rival to me I can still recognise his endeavour for the positive effects. Or maybe so do other people and that explains their misplaced vitriol

  • A male only club eh? Should we expect GA to be making addresses at Portmarnock GC next? Some socialist party that Sinn Fein…

  • Coll Ciotach

    yes – next thing he will speak to that bastion of exclusivity – the Irish Countrywomans Association

  • old school

    Coll, I´ve already pointed ot he´s been rubbing shoulders with Americas elite for quite some time yet West Belfast remains the most deprived area in Western Erope..
    He´s ditched those in the U.S who supported him through the days of armed struggle.
    What benefits (apart from those with connections to PSF)has anyone in West Belfast seen from his
    hob-knobbing with right wing America?
    Even the Coca Cola Company donated to these guys, bt this money, like the rest, went to fund their party.
    Any money “raised for West Belfast” will be controlled by the party coffers. From the local newspapers, to local enterprise,to the local festivals, you try getting employment with them if you´re not on message.
    There is job discrimination and corruption going on, in a scale not seen since the days of gerrymandering.

  • iluvni

    Was Father Pat Moloney down for the ‘do’ too?

  • Coll Ciotach

    So what if he is rubbing shoulders with these people? they have access to power and money, the sort of people that a good representative would wnat to influence.

    As for benfits for WB – there is one thing for sure – unless you talk to people there will not be.

    Was the donation to the party perchance?

    If anyone thinks that there has been discrimination on the jobs front there are remedies in place for that – and you can rest assured that there are plenty who would just love to take up cudgels if there was any chance of bludgeoning SF

  • Michaelhenry

    as leader of irelands all ireland party its no wonder that gerry adams is treasured in boston and across america

  • Kevsterino

    For those who may never have been there, allow me to interject that Boston, or Massachusetts for that matter, are not the citadels of the American right-wing. Reading through this thread it struck me someone might get that impression.

    I’ve attended many Irish Republican visits to the US for more than 30 years. There have always been people to the political right of the visitors at such gatherings. Irish Republicans have always been to the left of the average American of Irish heritage.

    Nothing has changed in that regard.

  • old school

    “Nothing has changed in that regard”
    You say you’ve been at these gigs 30 years and nothing has changed?
    30 years ago, Gerry was barred from the U.S, Coca Cola didnt sponsor Sinn Fein, the AOH didn’t financially back them either, and people like Henry Kissinger did’nt share platforms with them.
    Adams has become what De Valera was in the 40s. A crowd puller, but a deeply devious character.
    Believe me a lot has changed in that regard. If you call yourself an Irish Republican you’d be calling for the lifting of the banning of Anti GFA groups in the States and allow entry to Republicans who disagree with Adams direction.

  • Coll Ciotach

    Good for Gerry – the more support he garners for Ireland the better

  • Kevsterino

    old school,
    Irish Republican meetings in the United States did not begin with Mr. Adams.
    True, he was banned entry as well as remanded and imprisoned and the odd bit in official media with the actors dubbing over his words and what not.

    I do favor allowing everyone to have their say everywhere within the United States. That is the only way the truth ever comes out on anything.

    I don’t, by the way, call myself an Irish Republican. Being American, my only possible relationship to that world view would be as an adherent, as its direction and policies would be decided far away. I don’t adhere to any principles but my very own.

  • drunk as a rule

    I hope he gives the shinners “traitors to Ireland” line.

    Too many romantic ideas of ‘old ireland’ over there still I feel.

    I think some of them need to catch up and realise for sure, to be sure, to be sure that Sinn Fein have wised up & moved on. Let’s see how many want to contribute now to a cause when it’s posters, leaflets & no longer the bullet. ( Not a slur against the Irish American Clover Club but there’s always someone eejit with ‘green’ tinted spectacles on )

    Remember America, the soldiers that got shot at Masereene were shot going out to help your boys.

  • Paddy

    “Good for Gerry – the more support he garners for Ireland the better”

    Which Ireland would that be? Liam Adams’ Ireland? Bernadette McAlliskey’s Ireland? Fine Gael’s Ireland? MI5’s Ireland?

  • Coll Ciotach

    My Ireland – the one I live in Paddy – the one my children inhabit

  • drunk as a rule

    And the rest of us on this blog. Great spokesman (s)

    Makes me want to cash in the latter half of my ulster-scots identity if that’s the case.

  • lamhdearg

    Any chance of liams brother staying over in the states,maybe he could start a trend and the rest of the plasticine club that occupy stormont will follow him, it makes me sick to think of all these back slapping, nose in the trough scumbags drinking there large ones smoking there large ones and telling each other what great fellows they are, surely this is where “the base” should hit.

  • Paddy

    “My Ireland – the one I live in Paddy – the one my children inhabit.”

    Gerry Adams, the borther of Liam Adams and the son of his father, does not speak for the Irish people. Jowe Hendron, who was lucky not to get shot for beating him at the polls, said that Adams only brought one job, his own, to West Belfast. Whilst it is true that Liam’s brother is MP for Shankill and environs, he does not speak for the peole of the South.

    His vote, and hence his so called mandate, is a curiosity. The people of West Belfast (Shankill, Falls etc) vote for him for the same reason they voted for Wee Joe Devlin andn ot Dev. They reckon it is the better “devil you know” choice.

    Adams, like many in the SDLP, is an economic fossil. He showed that on RTE when the other minnow parties savaged him.

    There have been different visions of Ireland. Amongst the best know are those of cut throat Tone, Connolly and Dev. They all have little in common.

    One wonders did the Yanks get Liam for Whitey?

    By your friends you shall know them. Liam’s brotehr wines and dines with Peter King and the others who unleashed terror for oil on Iraq.

    So f-k him and his “Vision of Connaught” and elsewhere.

  • lamhdearg

    May i retract my last line, innocent waiters and such.

  • Coll Ciotach

    I would not know who speaks for the people of Ireland Paddy – I do not even know who would be able to make such a claim. So that was a nonsense line to be honest. As for Joes claim that Adams only brought one job to the Falls, well I am not from the Falls but I would reckon his record would be the equal of Joes anyway. What do you mean by the son of his father? that is a weird thing to say. Again you allude to Adam’s not spreaking for people, but I note with interest you no restrict this to the South, you seem to be revising the claim down there. Anyway I think you have to concede that he speaks for the majority of the people of the WB constituency. As for the devil you know theory – that is demonstratably wrong, they voted Joe out and Gerry out. But the fact that they have stuck with Gerry since shows just exactly what they thought of the ability of Joe/SDLP to represent them, and I would accept their decision of the better representative.

    As for the economic fossil – I agree – the socialist outlook is a fossil of 19th century begrudgery and should be discarded.

    Why talk about Liam? – this is about Gerry Adams visiting Boston. If you wish to extrapolate why not talk about all those others who go on visits around the world – at least that would be in keeping with the thread.

  • Paddy

    Wee Joe Devlin was a much maligned (by repuplicans) man. He was beaten up in the House of Commons after Bloody Sunday, when MI5 terorrists were executed in Dublin. The people of West Belfast, never an IRA stronghold (unlike north Belfast and the Dockers), voted for Devlin even when Dev stood against him.
    They figure they need a strong man to stand against Unionists.
    The (now aprty named) party Liam and Liam’s brother serve(d) has no mandate to speak of in the South. Few Protestants vote for them. They do not speak for the Irish people.
    We cannot compare Liam’s brother to Southern politicians whose junkets often have an economic rationale. Why would anyyone and does nayone set up shop in West Belfast?
    Previous posters have pointed to the Pervie gravy train. All politics is certainly local in the Pervies’ case. And, in Liam brother’s case, it must always remain so. You can take the barman out of the bar etc.

    Liam’s brother is the son of his father. Like father, like son, as they say.

    And, given the grave damage done to our blessed Church in Boston, it is quite relevant. Wil Liam’s brother visit the Purple Shamrock and explain how he too is a victim?

  • Coll Ciotach

    You have abandoned Wee Joe Hendron for Wee Joe Devlin I see. You are starting to retreat in to ancient history to castigate Adams. I was not aware that Joe was beaten up by republicans as to seem to insinuate, here was me thinking that Westminster was boycotted by SF. AS you say the people of West Belfast need a strong man to represent them, well they seem to be happy with GA.

    Again you go onto to talk about Gerry,(for that is who I assume you mean), not having a mandate in the South – but his party has, and they speak for the Irish people, in fact he can claim, although tenuously I accept, that SF has the best claim on the title “who speaks for the Irish people” as it organises and gets elected right across the island
    The next statement is odd to say the least “We cannot compare Liam’s brother to Southern politicians whose junkets often have an economic rationale.” Does that mean that often they do not? Does that mean Gerry Adams never talks about investment? I think that is so wrong you should really be embarrassed making it.

    “Why would anyyone and does nayone set up shop in West Belfast?”

    Shows how little about economics you know and also seems to be an indication of your bigotry against the WB people. How about a population of about
    90,000 which would make it between Galway and Cork. That is a lot of consumers. And why ask here if you are truly interested? ask the likes of the West Belfast Partneship or Workwest for example and they will take you around the many successful businesses in West Belfast. But then why let facts cloud your bigoted mind.

    As for the “pervie” gravy train – are they getting any more than other politicians?

    I still cannot see why you keep talking about Liam – it shows that you have nothing to say about Gerry Adams or you would talk about him.

    As for the Church in Boston – the damage was not caused by Adams so I cannot see the relevance.

    In short your diatribe is nothing more than dressed up bigotry – you ramble incoherently from one point to another.

  • BryanS

    silly me i thought Joe hendron was beaten by a better organised ‘vote early vote often’ party.

  • FitzjamesHorse

    “Gerry Adams feted in Boston”.
    How awful?
    Is “feted” a neutral word?

    Like “Prime Minister of Iran feted at Democratic National Convention by Obama….” “Thierry Henry feted by Sepp Blatter….”

    Actually “feted” IS a neutral word.
    But in the cliche ridden world of the journalist only “reprehensible” figures can be “feted”.

    Thus we never see headlines “Dalai Lama feted”.
    but surely Mr Fealty also in Boston and a highly respected commentator on affairs here is using the opportunity to network, shake a few hands, etc.

    One might almost say “feted”? 🙂

  • Coll Ciotach

    was he a victim of this?