Comme la vague irrésolue

When Jim Allister was an MEP he wouldn’t have supported Bairbre de Brún in any way, his stance on Sinn Féin seemed to deny Jim Nicholson space to cooperate with them nevermind give a full endorsement. Things seem to have moved on apace with the former DUP man’s departure from the European stage.

During the debate on de Brún’s report on the animal health requirements applicable to the non-commercial movement of pet animals, Nicholson was postively gushing:

Mr President, first of all let me begin by thanking the rapporteur for all her hard work on this report. What many of us felt at the beginning would be a dossier which would not cause us much of a problem turned out to be an awful lot more tricky than we thought.

Unfortunately the rapporteur had to take the brunt of most of the negotiations, but she certainly had to work very hard to ensure this report got through within the necessary time frame, which was very important as we were under pressure to secure the extension of her derogation which was due to run out in June of this year.

Even Diane Dodds voted in favour of the report.

Adds – the video of the speech with a shot of Bairbre clearly lapping up Jim’s praise.