Ulster Unionist/Tory alliance in danger of collapsing?

A senior conservative is warning the UU/Tory alliance is in danger of collapsing. This shaky relationship has been threatened on the back of the decision of the Ulster Unionist Party to defy the wishes of David Cameron and his party on policing and justice. A local conservative levelled the following charges at the Ulster Unionists:• Failure to agree candidates.

• Failure to co-ordinate policy.

• Failure to be accountable.

The Conservatives claim they are bankrolling everything but are in ” a one way marriage with nothing coming back.” Claiming they have no influence over decision -making in Ulster Unionism the Tory spokesperson said: “The Conservative party’s fear is that we will be dragged down into the gutter of tribalism instead of Northern Ireland politics being elevated onto the national stage.”

Conservatives argue they are going to end up with only one candidate out of eighteen-North Down. “The policing and justice decision has put the relationship under strain. Conservatives do not believe Ulster Unionists were right in voting against the return of policing and justice” said a spokesperson.