Iris Robinson: The Musical – on banjo!

If any of you are going to be in London tomorrow, you may want to round the day off with a trip to the 12 Bar Club in Denmark Street (a short walk from Tottenham Court Road tube) to see Mid-Ulster’s very own Cormac Heron performing ‘Iris Robinson – The Musical’

Now Iris is no longer in public life, Cormac anticipates her possible relocation into showbiz (or possibly the catering business) with his latest musical spectacular.

From what I can glean talking to him, the material isn’t all based on Iris or her story, it’s a jumping off point for a fictional pre-St Patrick’s Day banjo-based cabaret. But if the idea of a banjo-based musical don’t make your blood run cold, then it’ll probably be worth a look-in?

Tickets are £6 and Cormac is on stage at 8.04pm. If you’ve got a Facebook account, the event has a page here. You can save a few quid on the ticket if you follow the instructions there.

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