Fearghal McKinney to run for Fermanagh South Tyrone…

What is it about old UTV men, and politics? First Mike Nesbitt in Strangford for the UUP and now Fearghal McKinney in Fermanagh South Tyrone for the SDLP. No doubt about who has the harder task, Michelle Gildernew is a popular figure and clearly feels her time at Agriculture will stand her in good stead over McKinney. Still, he’s the first impact player the SDLP have managed to pull in from outside the political game for a party who’s public representatives generally lack just such qualities. His initial statement is below the fold:

“This is a new era for politics and a new era for the SDLP. This country needs a strong SDLP and the people of the North need strong representation at Westminster.

“Today I have submitted my application to represent the party in the constituency of Fermanagh South Tyrone in the forthcoming Westminster election. This election will be won and lost on the doorsteps and I am keen to build on the good work of Tommy Gallagher and others in the weeks and months ahead. I know I have a fight ahead of me to win the seat but I am looking forward to the challenge.”