Hands off Falklands oil is no final answer

Hillary Clinton’s intervention may be welcome in Northern Ireland but not over Falklands oil, it seems. The world’s busiest shuttle diplomat has been politely rebuffed by the foreign secretary she once called
“vibrant.” No government on the brink of an election can afford to resist the pull of jingoism. That applies in London just as much as Buenos Aires. I was disappointed with the globally minded Economist. I thought it would come up with a common sense oil-sharing solution. Instead it explained that the latest Evita to hold power in succession to her husband has been banging the patriotic drum to divert attention from a familiar story of economic mismanagement. Just like the junta when I was in Argentina for the Falklands war. This time there’ll be no invasion but I wouldn’t bank on Britain winning a diplomatic victory without some kind of compromise this time.