‘educating the youths of the courageous exploits of the Volunteers’

After noting the small attendance at a vigil in Newry opposing those that bombed the city’s courthouse, I will also mention the largeish attendance at an Ógra Shinn Fein commemoration for IRA volunteersCharles Breslin, Michael and David Devine.

This commemoration was part of an ÓSF Republican Youth weekend:

Sinn Fein Councillors Kieran McGuire, Ruairi McHugh and Brian McMahon, alongside ex IRA POW Paul McGarvey gave the youths an in-depth insight of how each volunteer on the West Tyrone Roll of Honour was killed and succeeded in educating the youths of the courageous exploits of the Volunteers and the sacrifices they had made in their fight for Irish freedom

The Deputy First Minister also contributed:

The main speaker Martin McGuinness gave his account of his memory of the deaths of the volunteers and spoke of their selfless heroism.

  • Nothing like tales of blood sacrifice to stir the youth section of the Greenshirts into action. Pity there´s no beer hall in the vicinity.

  • RobertEmmett

    of course these days, Martin stands shoulder to shoulder with the men that had the three Volunteers murdered. Is the irony lost on OSF?

  • Sammy Wilson’s calculator for the sums

    Indeed, I’m surprised Martin didn’t label these young deceased lads traitors to our island right up there with their fellow Strabaneman, Mr John Brady.

  • LabourNIman

    wow, and there was me thinking we had politicians in stormount that supported the rule of law.

    This kind of propaganda truly makes me sick.

  • Marcionite

    and you all believe SF has turned it’s back on violence and Jim Allister is the worst in the world for continuously pointing this inconvenient truth out.

    The Bilderberg group have installed our puppet parliament so to make NI an economic slave camp for US firms to decamp to taking advantage of our cheap workforce. What kind if sad pathetic low self esteem country are we to openly go cap in hand to the USA and say NI is open for business cos we’re cheap?

    Of course, the Klingons still have to be seen going to Anti Federation events to keep the hardliners in line but open your eyes, ever seen a senior SF/DUP live in penuary? All paid off by Bilderberg who also have Brown and Obama in their pockets

    we live in a hall of mirrors

  • lamhdearg

    That martin, what a wit,it just proves you can fool most of the people some of the time,if you speak with a forked tounge and most of the people are thick.

  • sdelaneys

    We don’t really need graffiti in Belfast about Gerry Adams to get a good laugh, do we? Sinn Féin speak is comical enough.

  • Mrazik

    “succeeded in educating the youths of the courageous exploits of the Volunteers and the sacrifices they had made in their fight for Irish freedom”

    How does he know; did they have to do an exam or wha?

    It’s the kind of language you’d expect from Soviet tractor factory manager.

  • iluvni

    Is it me or do all those murals of dead terrorists make them look like they were in Mungo Jerry.

  • Alias

    What’s interesting about the attendance of a minister of the state is that the Devines were victims of a shoot-to-kill policy by the state, and the families received compensation from the British state via its courts.

    While the Devines were fingered by an agent of the state and summarily executed by the state, the minister of the state in attendance was the one who appointed the agents of the state to run the agent detecting unit (ISU) of the organisation of which the Devines were both members, thereby ensuring that agents of the state would not be detected by that unit and would be free to duly finger members such as the Devines.

    Marty, of course, also appointed another agent of the state as quartermaster of the Derry Provos in order to serve as the fall guy for the betrayal of the Eksund consignment of weapons from Libya, with Marty ensuring that another agent of the state who Marty appointed to the ISU murdered the agent of the state that Marty appointed as quartermaster before that agent figured out why yet another agent of the state appointed a known tout to the role of quartermaster of the Derry Provos.

    Still, wires were crossed and an agency of the state that didn’t know that Marty was an agent for another agency of the state launched Operation Taurus to prosecute Marty for conspiracy to murder the quartermaster of the Derry Provos having prima facie to convict him. However, being a protected species, that fortunate agent of the state was never prosecuted for conspiracy to commit murder Frank Hegarty when the wires became uncrossed, and Operation Taurus was abandoned by the state.

    The agent is still useful to the state wherein he is now a minister and is used above to create the impression that “Irish freedom” simply means the freedom to administer British rule.

  • Sammy Wilson’s calculator for the sums

    Mazal tov, Alias, more incomprehensible, schizophrenic bullshit.

  • lamhdearg

    i wish i had the(i am thinking WHEREWITHAL but i know thats not right)to post such a post, however my point is this,why do the muppets in this country (both sides)think they can outwit the powers that control british life, do they not get it, the powers the control agents in ulster have experience handed down over many hundreds of years,now sure, martin and gerrys laugh in may seem well smart when compared to the poster boy jonny adair, but the faceless people they where once up against(assuming they have switched sides)are a hole other kettel of fish.

  • Alias

    “Mazal tov, Alias, more incomprehensible, schizophrenic bullshit.” – Sammy Wilson’s calculator for the sums

    On your part certainly, since your fantasy version can only be sustained by ignoring the reality.

    That reality is that (a) the ISU was run by British agents, and (b) that those agents were appointed to those roles by the leadership of the Shinners, and (c) that they were kept in those roles until one died and the other retired when standard counterintelligence procedure is to rotate those roles in order to avoid the long term infiltration that the Shinners/Provos expereienced.

    Other inferences you can draw: (a) that the Shinners/Provos had no reliable means of detecting agents within their ranks; (b) that agents ergo had a free run to penetrate all levels of that organisation undetected (this is simply confirmed by the ISU exposing only low level touts who had outlived their usefulness but not exposing any of the more senior agents); (c) that agents vetted all new members and could therefore reject members who were not susceptible to being controlled by the state; and (d) that agents had access to all Shinners/Provos operations with a remit that could only be countermanded by a member of the Army Council and ergo knew everything that was going on.

    Now why would Marty and Gerry allow all that to happen on their watch? Was it because like you they’re a bit simple or was there another reason why Marty and Gerry appointed British agents and kept them in place? It can’t be because they were thick since they’re both organisational and tactical geniuses, aren’t they? 😉

  • Sammy Wilson’s calculator for the sums

    I know that you’re infallible, dear Dave/Alias, so why not make these contentions in public instead of late at night on a mediocre forum?

  • lamhdearg

    mediocre?, why post
    make contentions in public/suffer the consequences

  • old school

    Nothing new here.
    De Valera used to praise dead IRA volunteers and draw crowds of tens of thousands at such rallies, whilst simultaneously executing Republicans and letting them die on hunger strike.
    Republican history will judge Mc Guinness for what he is.
    Unlike the lads funeral oration there was no mention of a British withdrawal or a 32 county Republic.
    Our youth are now being led to believe the struggle was about stopping Orange marches.

  • KieranJ

    “De Valera used to praise dead IRA volunteers and draw crowds of tens of thousands at such rallies, whilst simultaneously executing Republicans and letting them die on hunger strike.”

    Of course, you fail to mention the fact that Dev was preserving Irish neutrality during World War II while he was doing this and thus preventing massive bombing raids by Germany and an invasion of the twnety six counties by the allies.

    I’m sure that just slipped your mind.

  • joeCanuck

    Got a supposedly safer anoymousing site, Kieran? hehehehehe.

  • sdelaneys

    OOPS, coincidental to this thread being about Strabane I see Mz Breen has an article on another S.F ex election candidate being wanted by the PSNI and being described as a danger to women and children.”Former Sinn Féin candidate could pose threat to children.” The man in question is from Strabane.
    Tribune does not come online until evening.

  • tuatha

    What is most worrying with this sort of hypocrisy,”.. selfless hreoism/volunteers/irish freedom.. etc” is that young men,repeat men, will always want their whiff of cordite as long as this mythology persists.
    Rather like the advocates of suicide bombings in the ME,their skin is never in danger. After all Gadams has always maintained he wasn’t ,in SF and we all know how truthful he was/is/will be so that’s all right. There will always be lumpen youth with no prospects to be cannon fodder.

  • Scaramoosh

    Is the recruitment of teenage soldiers not tantamount to child abuse….


  • Seamus

    Just a pity Martin did`nt possess a single blood cell of the courage he always speaks of when referring to fallen comrades who payed the ultimate sacrifice that he and others were shielded from, for reasons better known now

  • There will always be lumpen youth with no prospects to be cannon fodder.


    That may explain away the rank’s of the British army, but it hardly explains its upper echelons, where the majority of senior officers attended English public schools, which advertise there wares as the finest liberal education in the world.

    I would just add, if you are a young Lieutenant in Helmand, you are as likely to become Taliban cannon fodder as the guy from the council estate who is carry your radio a few yards behind you.

    I think why people join armed groups is far more complex that being economically disadvantaged, whilst this can play a role, there are many other reasons why youngsters gravitate to armed organisations.

    More on this here,

  • John O’Connell

    there are many other reasons why youngsters gravitate to armed organisations.

    One reason might be that their dads abused them as in Gerry Adams and hardened their hearts against feeling empathy for other human beings.

  • Seamus

    This would be one sick society should that have been the case.

  • LabourNIman

    young men do not have to gravitate towards armed gangs if politicians in the community showed true support for the rule of law, helped bring jobs into the area (instead of banging on about the constitutional issue)and told them you can be proud of your heritage and work towards an understanding with those opposed to it.

    But I guess as long as we have the state paying for sectarian parties to sit an undemocratic legislature during the week and let them glamorise murderers at the weekend, theres not much chance of that happening.

  • Paddy

    You have an interesting web site, Mr Hall. Always good to see the forgotten (Palestinians etc) getting some light, no matter how dim. Amnesty International used to do some of this before they discovered the hard life middle class homos have.

    A wonder no academics ever really studt these matters: why do psychos join armies? why no moral advancement over the last 2,000 years?

  • Paddy

    Who are the colour party in the pic? Were they arrested for wearing paramilitary clobber? Why not get the RUC/RIR do it now that they are all one happy family?
    After all, even the Germans are being allowed to mourn their dead now.

  • skinbop

    All this talk about shoot-to-kill policies is really shocking. Did the IRA really operate a shoot-to-kill policy? What happened to their POW camps?

  • John O’Connell


    Your part of it might be sick, but most of this society is quite healthy.

    I merely make the point that hard men are creations of their home backgrounds as much as their outside environments.

  • Seamus

    I was merely pointing out that if every one that was ever involved were from an abusive home inviroment, that would be sick.
    Holy mother of, i forgot about all the church abuse as well.

  • FitzjamesHorse

    I never really thought much of the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia and the de-Nazi education camps in post WW2 Germany.
    But I find myself warming to them.

    The notion that Republican youth is un-constructed is obviously not going down well with the Overclass.

    I suggest all republicans should be rounded up and sent to re-education camps where they will be forced to listen to the finest journalists in the Overclass and given forced and permenant access to the blogs of the great and the good……that will cure them.
    Before you know it they will all be pining for intefrated education and the chance to vote for the Labour and Conservative Party.

  • [quote][i]What kind if sad pathetic low self esteem country are we to openly go cap in hand to the USA and say NI is open for business cos we’re cheap?[/i] ….. Posted by Marcionite on Feb 27, 2010 @ 11:37 PM[/quote]

    Just two points to correct there, Marcionite. The US is Betaing a Path to NI Open Business and IT aint cheap whenever Free it is Priced in Billions and Trillions.

    And thus is a Valuable Asset to Feed with Knowledge and Universal Need for the Singularity of Original Source Supply of Virtual Reality Programs.

    NIRobotIQs …… One of Invest Northern Ireland’s Virtual Gems for Stormont’s Control Sharing Inputs.

    Northern Ireland is a Virtual Reality Beta PathFinder Production with AI Levers. Well, it is for those into CyberIntelAIgent Security Operations GCHQ Offering AAA Security Assurance/Treasury Gilt Guarantee with the Holy Trinity of Military Monied Media.