“OFMDFM is committed to transparency in all its dealings…”

Northern Ireland’s First and deputy First Ministers deployed an departmental “spokesperson” yesterday to defend their less than transparent approach to their “agreed [] programme for Cohesion, Sharing and Integration” – “The outstanding issues around Cohesion, Sharing and Integration have been resolved and the final draft of the document is being prepared.” And the same “spokesperson” had this to say on the report from the DUP/Sinn Féin “working group” on parading

“The process on parading was laid out in the Hillsborough Castle Agreement, and we are fully committed to it. “The working group on parading issues have concluded their report and presented it to the First Minister and deputy First Minister. Ministers will consider the proposals on an improved framework for dealing with parading issues. This will inform the public consultation in late March/ early April. “That process includes full consultation on the draft Parades Bill. The Bill that goes to the Assembly will require Executive agreement, and will be subject to further consultation through the Assembly Committee in September.

Except that the “Hillsborough Castle Agreement” had this to say on the “agreed outcomes” of that working group

6. The First Minister and deputy First Minister will promote and support the agreed outcomes of the working group.

And from that document’s timetable

Commencement of the drafting of Bill to implement working group agreed outcomes (working group to assist during drafting process to confirm Bill delivers agreed outcomes) End w/c 22 Feb [added emphasis]