Gerry of Nazareth

While Malachi has documented the rise and fall of graffiti on the Royal’s wall the same pundit still provides a West Belfast review with some panache at Divis Tower:

Gerry of Nazareth. What a wanker

–eat your heart out Banksey.

Addition: reader Paddy directs us to this more considered review

  • RepublicanStones

    Is it true Banksy is going to reveal himself?

  • Stephen Ferguson

    Gerry’s boys are far too slow. The DUPers were out before 8am painting over anti-Peter Robinson graffiti on Templemore Avenue a few years back.
    They must have a team on stand by 24/7.

  • Stop the Press – graffiti on a wall slegs a Shinner. Outrage!
    The most noteworthy thing is that Malachi seems to have eventually venuted into west Belfast and took a photo of his endeavours. Mission accomplished Mal!

  • West Sider

    It’s profound, Mark.

    Sinn Fein, Erigi, and who knows…

    Where do you go next? I hear the INLA are organising a get together in the foyer of FRAMES, I’m sure you’ll be there.

    Still, it’s fun to know you’ve arrived at and are celebrating those staunch warriors who creep about in the dark hours.

    Given the avalanche of nasty and sometimes insightful criticism of Adams funded by the London broadsheets, Murdoch among them, you’ve settled on the hooded dopers scurrying around while the working people sleep.

    You’ve obviously thought about it, checked your principles, drawn on the intellectual basis of your case, reflected, and concluded that ‘Adams is a wanker’ sprayed in a spiderish and rushed fashion on a wall is the sum total of your manifesto for the poeple of west belfast.

    You’re not that smart, are you? Still, you could start a party and you’d be good: scrawl on the walls and scurry away, that’s what the people of west Belfast need.

    You’ll go far, bubba.

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Ah Vandalism disguised as Art.
    Perhaps those who find vandalism hilarious would post their address along with a statement that they would quite like something childish and obscene written on their home.
    No takers……Mr McGregor?

  • Prionsa Eoghann


    I’m sure you are better than this!

  • slappymcgroundout

    From the cited piece:

    “The bit I have deleted shows a car registration number, presumably an invitation to attack that car. You’d think the police would have moved to have the whole thing painted over.”

    Why? Police work is a hard job. They need all the humor they can get. Now they have double the humor. First in contemplating the reality of the dimmer among us still out there searching for the registration number even though it’s been cancelled. Second is Malachi bothering to black out the by now cancelled registration number. I know I laughed.

  • Mark McGregor – the man who described the Newry bomb as “small and ineffecutal”.
    There’s no chance of anyone graffiting the walls of the Royal about yourself.
    Pity that – because it wouldn’t have taken much spray print. D-I-C-K is only four letters.

  • Ulick

    Lol, very good, Slugger has finally found it’s level.

    Malachi, did you come up with that yourself or was it ‘borrowed’?

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathleen Collins

    it had me laughing…thanks for posting it!

  • socaire

    Hell hath no fury …….. eh, Mark?

  • IRIA

    Are there any pro-Shinner bloggers on Slugger anymore?

  • A street ‘artist’ with an opinion not approved in advance by the holy G. Well done that person!

  • Rory Carr

    Well at least Kathy C was amused which shows that the graffiti (and this thread) are hitting their target audience.

  • sdelaneys

    Some of us have a sense of humour and like a laugh at the pretentious nature of our ‘leaders’.

  • Rory Carr

    …and some of us prefer a wee bit of wit and subtlety to be employed when debunking them, leaving adolescent crudity for the amusement of….adolescents.

  • John O’Connell

    The mere fact that this is being done at all signals that Gerry’s recent revelations about his father have created a problem for him. He now has a masculinity deficit and the graffiti artist senses this.

  • socaire

    We all have deficits. What’s yours, John? I ruminate on the mentality of those who (a) spray things on walls and (b) spray gutter language on walls for the amusement of the lavatory humour brigade on this site.

  • scarecrow

    “eat your heart out Banksey.”

    As in ‘Banksy’ no ‘e’….

    I guess this post is funny after all!!!!!

  • John O’Connell


    What your deficit, socaire, if you admit to having at least one.

    It might be your use of English in that “ruminate” is what cows do or it is when one thinks slowly according to my dictionary. I think you meant that you are angry about this graffiti. Have you no sense of humour? I suppose I wouldn’t if I was a Shinner.

  • Rory Carr

    Are you telling us, John that your sense of humor is best gratified by references to masturbation?

    Why am I not in the least surprised?

  • John O’Connell

    Rory Carr

    A man that presents himself as above all the little things in life should be careful that his secret is not found out. The masculine man who would kill us rather than look at us has a weakness, does he? Is that what you’re saying Rory? If so, how do you know?

  • Alias

    Surely there should be blasphemy laws against this sort of thing?

  • Why the need for blasphemy laws? Gerry Adams could never be God, but he appears to have surrounded himself with enough disciples to qualify for pope and has the outstanding allegations to ‘prove’ it.

    I thought it was mildly amusing, not worth a belly laugh, but perhaps a quiet chuckle is in order. MUst we classify ourselves by our sense of humour now.

  • padraig

    If I person has to hate I prefer a hot, clean , total one.

    All this pettifogging bitchery gets me down.

  • Alias

    Pip, you might have thought that there was no need for blasphemy laws but the amount of Shinner sycophants on the thread with stern and pious faces waving placards saying “Down with this sort of thing” would suggest otherwise.

  • Alias

    Then they must learn, that we are all entitled to our beliefs.

    Some believe it was a terrible slur on their leader.

    Others believe it was very funny because it was a slur on their one time leader

    I believe it was mildly amusing

    I also believe the reaction of both sides is very funny, typical but funny.

  • west belfast

    The amount of anti-sf blogging on slugger is becoming tiresome.

    SF is the largest nationalist/republican party by far in the North.

    Those who line up to ditch them at every turn are so out of step with the republican electorate it is staggering.

    Time to recruit some bloggers who are tuned into the majority of people in this part of Ireland.

  • west belfast

    Steady on! Maybe there is always room for more but thats no reason to get rid of existing. Surely freedom of speech is about everyone having an opinion.

    No political party should allow itself to be implicated in allegations of child abuse and rape. It is, to say the least, amateur. For its leader to then do Jesus, is an unbelievable but very welcome gift, to his opponents.

  • west belfast

    Pippakin – we shall see what damage SF incurs at the next election.

    I’m not saying SF shouldnt have the boot put into them but the posters on this site do not reflect the widely held view of the masses out there. I enjoy slugger but honestly feel its beginning to climb up its own arse.

    As for freedom of speech – yawn! I can also make any point as well – its a two way street.

  • west belfast

    We are fortunate, and we should remember that, we can yawn about freedom of speech.

    I doubt anyone has forgotten S/Fs popularity with a section of the community, but it is not enough, they need to convince far more before they and their ideals are secured.

    Martin McGuinness has been doing well. He has put himself on the line with his outspoken condemnation of continued violence. I have great hope for a united Ireland and apart from the disgusting abuse allegations and a few sadistic outcasts, I see no reason why we should not continue to progress.

  • Paddy
  • West Sider

    West Belfast,

    don’t know if you were on this site at the time of the last election, but for weeks, possibly months, there were up to four blogs a day on how Sinn Fein were going to get a stuffing at the polls, Sharon Haughey, remember her? was going to take this seat, and Hiram Blatch was going to take another…

    And then there was silence.

  • Munsterview

    john Feb 27, 2010@ 12:59 PM

    Not too much Christian compassion in evidence there John, or is this something that you meter out proportionate to your judgement as to the worthiness of the recipient ?

    Thankfully the first bearded guy was a tad more generous to his enemies, including in his final moments, those that brought about his death !.

  • Reader

    west belfast: Time to recruit some bloggers who are tuned into the majority of people in this part of Ireland.
    Then that would be – unionists. Unless unionists are non-people.

  • Skintown Lad

    Am I missing something or does the graffitti not actually say “Gerry of Nazareth…”. It just says “Gerry Adams…”?


  • Skintown Lad

    Surely if the cap fits….

  • west belfast

    West sider – I remember the Assembly election blogging well. It was hype of extraordinary levels. We will get the same thing this time round Im sure.

    I hope Sammy Morse makes a comeback for the election – I always found his analysis excellent and fair.

    Reader – touché! You know what I meant.

  • FitzjamesHorse

    “I hope Sammy Morse makes a comeback for the election – I always found his analysis excellent and fair”.

    personally I found his analysis trite and unbalanced.