TUV councillor apologizes for comparing police officers to the Gestapo

According to the BBC, a statement recently released by the TUV includes the following passage. “Considering some of the extreme comments made in the past about the police by DUP leadership figures, we take no lectures from the DUP, but commend Alderman Calvert for acknowledging that his remarks were inappropriate.” More than a few people must be wondering what you have to do to be expelled from the TUV. Let me try to paraphrase the passage which I’ve cited.

“Other unspecified persons have said unspecified things in the past about the police, so we don’t need to worry about what our man has said. In describing our man’s conduct we are content to employ the namby word ‘inappropriate’. Furthermore, our man has used that word to describe his own conduct, AND WE COMMEND HIM FOR DOING SO.”

Wonderful support for the forces of law and order.

  • LabourNIman

    a prime example of a half assed political party with no internal organisation. This party should have spent more time on infrastructure that losing elections.

  • Paul

    Another stark raving bonkers TUV member and hes a councilor.LMAO

  • Even MI5 couldn’t invent such a stupid party.

  • interested

    And this is the type of person Unionism wants to vote for, we deserve everything we get if we do!

  • Marcionite

    yes, he calls the police names and all he’ll breaks loose. SF IRA supported the murder and maiming of RUC and Lo and behold, “unionists” share power and have private prayer meetings with them

    I wonder why there is such venom against the TUV. has the evil Bildeburg group nobbled quisling-unionism?

  • cynic47

    This is no doubt another eample of the nit picking and name calling we will have to endure over the next few weeks. Crazy words from the TUV Councillor about the police but have we not all uttered some of his words under our breath when we get waved in for being five miles over the speed limit? For those in the DUP, with selective memory or not old enough to remember, the police have had to cope with a lot worse rhetoric about them from senior politicans. At least the TUV haven’t shot or bombed any police officers unlike some of those sitting up close and cosy with the DUP in Stormont.

    My advice to one and all is try to get out more.

  • Rory Carr

    I should have thought that a TUV man calling the PSNI “Gestapo” was intended as a compliment – well just so long as their robust activity was directed at the Fenian untermenschen.

  • ardmaj55

    Rory Carr [7] Exactly, RC. Not forgetting that it’s apparently ok for a member of the TUVF [traditional unionist vile force]to support a loyalist murderer like knight, as one of them hascampaigned for his release. Obviously he knew Sunny Jim couldn’t afford to sack him since the food chain in the TUV is rather short..

  • Carsons Cat

    Just imagine if exactly the same comments had been made, not by a TUV Cllr, but by a Sinn Fein one.

    Now, what do you think Allister would be saying?

    Do you think a mealy mouthed withdrawal (with a distinct lack of apology) would have placated him?


  • abc123

    Did Gildernew ever change her view that she wouldn’t report dissident terrorists to the police?

  • dantheman

    “Even MI5 couldn’t invent such a stupid party.”


  • Skintown Lad


    Which TUV member campaigned for Knight’s release? On what grounds?

  • Skintown Lad,

    Trevor Collins, a TUV member from Garvagh.


  • Marcionite

    Wakey wakey everyone, Bildeburg run the puppet show at Stormont, it’s to secure NI as one of many offshore slave labour camps for US firms to take advantage of our cheap labour. Remember Paisley and McGuiness in the USA announcing “NI is open for business”? Open for call centres and fixed dollar per hour rates for so called IT firms that open here where the economic hero is the 21 year old earning 15k a year with no career ladder

    Paisley and McGuinness and others were in the USA acting as pimps telling Mr Wall Street to put it’s hands up Miss Ulsters skirt because she’s cheap

    a source within Bildeburg informs me that SF and DUP leadership were summonsed to said group and given ultimatums. Pretence of power and personal payoffs in exchange for peace-of-the-plebs.

  • Skintown Lad

    “He never was a real bad person, but the Troubles in Northern Ireland provoked many a young man to do things that they wouldn’t have done in normal circumstances.”

    F*ck me. Jim Allister really is desperate if he keeps people like that in his party.

  • Paddy

    The RUC/PSNI areNazis, so where is the problem? Thruth, the first casualty.

  • ardmaj55

    Skintown Lad. Sunny Jim is desperate period. As someone posted here in the aftermath of his appearance on Question Time last week, JA knows he’s made a terrible error in judgement in setting up the TUVF in the first place, and he’s miserable now because he knows the voters have picked on that. Stiil, he is so bitter, that he’s not concerned about winning seats as long as he takes votes away from the DUP. That happened at Dromore, and he was delighted even though the seat went elsewhere. As the psychiatrist in Fawlty Towers remarked, ‘there’s enough material there for an entire psychiatrist’s conference’

  • David Crookes

    Marcionite (#5) and cynic47 (#6), thanks for bringing a bit of dialectical equilibrium to the thread. Yes, you’re right: some of us have pounced on a few words, and we do need to get out more. But when you characterize your own party as more righteous than other parties, as for example by emblazoning the smarmy word INTEGRITY on your election posters, and when you complain that ex-criminals and even killers of policemen are allowed to take part in the government of NI, you need to display complete integrity both in dealing with criminals and in talking about the police.

    I worry that the TUV has no real agenda of its own. It seems to operate on the principle, ‘Look at what the DUP boys are doing, and then attack them vociferously for doing it.’

    Ardmaj55 (#17), your word ‘desperate’ may well be condign for the case. When you give up all hope of winning seats, you’ve only one card left to play: being a squalid nuisance.

    Mr Allister has caused a substantial number of people to interest themselves in politics. If he can lead those people to work creatively for their country, he will be a force for good. His own authentic character is certainly not that of a wrecker.

  • Comrade Stalin


    Wakey wakey everyone, Bildeburg run the puppet show at Stormont, it’s to secure NI as one of many offshore slave labour camps for US firms to take advantage of our cheap labour.

    You’re taking the piss, I hope.

  • David Crookes

    Never mind ‘our cheap labour’, Marcionite {#14). Do we actually have ‘labour’ of any kind? Nearly everyone I meet wants to sit at a desk, or ponce around with a clipboard.

    Our MLAs should be working to turn NI into a place where people make things that other people will want to buy.

    I sometimes wonder how much of what is called ‘the NI subsidy’ is wasted by the theoreticians, educationists, and clipboard-bearers of the tapewormocracy. Three cheers for Edwin Poots if he really means to administer a helminthagogue.

    Are we supposed to be saying things about the Gestapo on this thread? Well, the real Gestapo is the tapewormocracy. Its members think that they’re the point of everything, but they are the actual enemies of enterprise. Many enterprising persons refuse to set up in business because they know they’d have to spend most of their time keeping regulations, covering themselves against litigation, and doing useless paperwork for the tapewormocracy. The last thing NI needs at present is another big load of human rights nonsense, but that is exactly what the tapeworms are preparing for us.

    If the TUV would open their eyes, sound a trumpet, and make war on the tapeworms, they would do a lot of good, and they would get a lot of votes. Maybe even mine. The big problem isn’t ex-terrorists in government. The big problem is a parasitical overclass, plus a workforce that doesn’t make things.

    Everything has been theoreticalized and documentalized out of existence by the tapeworms.

    If a boy makes a steam-engine for his GCSE technology project, he is required to write a big thick ‘design-brief’ book about it, and his examiners will be far more interested in the thickness of his book than in the excellence of his engine.

    And if a farmer’s cow gives birth to a calf — but don’t start me.

  • Rory Carr

    If the TUV did indeed win your vote, David by promising to “…make war on the tapeworms” you could well find yourself certified for gross gullibility since there is absolutely sweet F.A. that the TUV (or any other party or indeed Westminster come to that) can do about it.

    All the tapewormery as you call it is legislated by Brussels at the behest of big corporate capital to make it almost impossible for small business to compete in almost any area so eradicating competition and turning all, including professionals like lawyers, doctors, dentists, accountants, pharmacists, opticians, architects, accountants etc. etc. into wage slaves just like every horny handed son of toil. Why it is well nigh impossible to have a domestic cleaner in without going through an agency nowadays.

    It is called capitalism, David and yes, it is nasty and yes, we are indeed all fucked – most especially all those nice little middle-class peeps who were ever so gung-ho for lifting all restrictions on unfettered corporate expansion.

  • David Crookes

    Many thanks for your posting, Rory. Yes, it is bad, and it will get worse. The developed form of the system that you depict may involve a world government and a microchipped slave-population ruled by tyrannical bankers and bureaucrats.

    I don’t accept it, and if enough people stop accepting it then it will become possible to change things. It helps when you’re small. If all our MLAs decide that we don’t need the legions of snoopers and form-fillers who are presently giving us grief, things will change to some extent. If all our MLAs decide to outlaw certain forms of litigation as frivolous, they will be resisted by every imaginable kind of tapeworm, but they may contrive to motivate people in the rest of the UK, in the RoI, and in the EU to do likewise.

    Morons are people who accept everything. Lots of things are wrong, and need to be done over again. Look at the computer world. It is perfectly STUPID to accept a world in which destructive viruses are unavoidable, and it is perfectly STUPID to accept that electronic records cannot be trusted to survive. (If everything has to be printed out on paper, what’s the point?) Now look at your local furniture shop. It will probably contain at least one woman-designed bookcase with mad strips of wood down the sides and along the top to stop you getting the books out. ‘Oh, but it LOOKS lovely,’ somemone will say. Bah! Some day people will realize that they don’t need to live with an anti-human computer system, or with an anti-human bookcase, or with schools in which the weirdo child is the one with no syndromes, or with an economy in which the experts wreck everything and explain that it’s all the fault of stupid ordinary people.

    Godless capitalism stinks. That’s why ancient Israel had the jubilee. We’ll never institute a jubilee in the modern world, but we can start making war on institutionalized madness. Here’s how to do it. Pick the weakest tapeworm, and wage total war against it. When you’ve killed it, start working on the second weakest one. And so on. It could become quite exciting. Who knows? Sensible people might start going into politics.

    Most go to bed in case I write something wild. Have a jolly weekend.