TUV councillor apologizes for comparing police officers to the Gestapo

According to the BBC, a statement recently released by the TUV includes the following passage. “Considering some of the extreme comments made in the past about the police by DUP leadership figures, we take no lectures from the DUP, but commend Alderman Calvert for acknowledging that his remarks were inappropriate.” More than a few people must be wondering what you have to do to be expelled from the TUV. Let me try to paraphrase the passage which I’ve cited.

“Other unspecified persons have said unspecified things in the past about the police, so we don’t need to worry about what our man has said. In describing our man’s conduct we are content to employ the namby word ‘inappropriate’. Furthermore, our man has used that word to describe his own conduct, AND WE COMMEND HIM FOR DOING SO.”

Wonderful support for the forces of law and order.