Would you vote Woolas if you were/are called Pratt?

Phil Woolas may be a good party foot soldier, but he’s clearly not ministerial material. Yesterday he not only showed a supreme lack of class when he called Christine Pratt a, erm, prat but, clearly, he has not calculated the unintended impact on any voter possessed of the same surname. It’s unlikely to come up to the 3,590 votes he beat his Lib Dem rival by last time. Mr Woolas is likely to be in severe need of friends come May. If Pratt were my surname, I don’t think I’d be too happy to vote for him, or perhaps given his ministerial status, his political party. As for Mrs Pratt, she may have the last laugh. According to Max Clifford:

Mrs Pratt and her husband were “going to get busy”, going through hundreds of e-mails to look for the evidence to back up her claims.

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