Blogging from the BIPA…

Right, I am at the BIPA today and tomorrow in Cavan. I’ll be trying to grab interviews like the one above with Bethan Jenkins AM from Swansea talking about how Plaid Cymru has faired being in government with Labour, with various MPs, TDs, MLAs. Some will be YouTubed, but some I’m going to try Qiking from the iPhone. Here’s Bernie doing yesterday’s papers as an example of what’s possible.

  • Dewi

    Excellent from Bethan on all counts. Only one area of disagreement from me – a North-South dual carrageway and a halving of the North South train time (which takes as long as Madrid-Paris) is the solution to North/South divides, mythical or not.

  • Mick,

    although BIPA presumably promotes better understanding and cooperation between the two islands perhaps you could ask one of the delegates if they can point to any practical achievements they believe attributable to themselvers.

    Were we not supposed to have a North South parliamentry body as well and if that is established presumably there will be significant overlap in functions. Perhaps some of the delegates have a view on that?

  • How many representatives from each of the represented bodies now sit on BIPA?

  • Dewi

    From their website Nevin – think it’s still current.

    The Assembly consists of:
    25 Members from each sovereign Parliament,
    five each from the Scottish Parliament, National Assembly for Wales, and Northern Ireland Assembly
    one each from the High Court of Tynwald and States of Guernsey and Jersey

    There are also:
    20 Associate Members from the two sovereign parliaments,
    four each from the Scottish Parliament, National Assembly for Wales and Northern Ireland Assembly,
    one each from the High Court of Tynwald and each of the States of Guernsey and Jersey

  • RobertNoonan

    Another talking shop. Any jobs created by these fat cats.Any chance of getting rid of the duplication/form fillings,etc.that is entailed in cross border business.

  • Thanks, Dewi, Ireland seems to be somewhat overrepresented.

    The expenses claimed might make for interesting reading 🙂

  • English Republic

    “Thanks, Dewi, Ireland seems to be somewhat overrepresented.”

    And England somewhat underrepresented….

  • ER, it’s possible but perhaps unlikely that England might not be represented at all; it’s certainly not represented as an entity.

  • English Republic

    So who is representing us Nevin? Certainly not Gordon “can’t say the word England” Brown even if he is our de-facto First Minister! As you say we are certainly not represented as a nation, any parliamentarians present who just happen to be English are there as representatives of the UK parliament.

  • Alias

    English Republic, your name might scare our unionist friends since the role of your nation is simply to earn the wealth that keeps the less prosperous nations in the union living beyond their means – and to keep you living your under means.

    The term “these islands” is used a euphemism for “the British Isles” and like that term is designed as propaganda to create the impression that Ireland is an inseparable part of the UK and should not be constitutionally separate from it as an independent sovereign state.

    At least you as an Englishman know that you are not a sovereign nation whereas the Irish government gave sovereignty over vital economic and cultural institutions of the Irish state to the British government in a treaty between the two states but thought it best not to mention to the Irish nation that its internal affairs are determined by a foreign state by people who are not elected by them and are not accountable to them and who do not operate the institutions of their state in their national interest.

  • English Republic,

    The English can signal their desire to have their own parliament and thus direct representation at such gathering by voting for the English Democrats. What % of the vote at the next General Election will the EDs pull in do you think?

  • English Republic


    I really don’t know but I’d guess it would be fairly negligable. In an ideal world the English Democrats would be the answer to Englands democratic deficit but the party are too reactionary IMHO and contain amongst their ranks some rather unpleasent characters, not to mention some of the unholy alliances they have formed. Ideally change will come from one of the mainstream parties but I can’t see that happening with the present leaders of any of them. Until that happens England shall remain a festering sore.


    So it would seem that we all live in a democracy free zone, welcome to the new world order!