Against the wrong sort of ambition

Eoin O’Broin is one a few voices in An Phoblacht that more times than not causes me to nod my head in agreement. Particularly on International issues whenever I’ve heard his instinctive take or considered view I mostly find it more informed and naturally socialist that anything I would arrive at after lengthy reflection. In short I have a hell of a lot of time for the man that seems to be SF’s internal lightening rod for party criticism.

However, Killian Forde’s departure from Sinn Féin seems to have been a difficult pill for him to swallow. He devotes an entire column to having an extended dig at his former colleague/comrade. Eoin, a former North Belfast Cllr who moved on to head SF’s European Department, goes on the attack ‘Against Ambition’ and representatives who leave behind a mandate to advance themselves:

“They were tasked to represent the interests and aspirations of those who selected and elected them…And in each case they broke that mandate and turned their backs on those who put them in such a privileged position in our political system.”

“Politics presented itself as a display of ambition; the desire by individuals to advance and prosper.”

“It is time to stand against ambition and for a politics in which policies, not personalities, are what matter.”

For some reason he doesn’t name check two politicians in his piece who have previously featured in the publication he writes for – Billy Leonard and Thomas Pringle. I’m sure there is a reason they weren’t included…maybe the two exceptions that prove his rule? Surely he can’t be saying that rejecting your electoral mandate to join Sinn Féin demonstrates a lack of ambition?