Derry van not part of rejectionist republican disruption

In the interests of accurate reporting, I’d like to acknowledge that the sceptics were right. The van parked last Saturday in Derry between the courthouse and the Deanery, and detonated by a controlled explosion, was empty and wasn’t part of a hoax, the police say. But there was a jittery atmosphere in Derry that day after a suspicious device was found on Craigavon bridge and a warning issued by the “32 county sovereignty” movement.

  • Munsterview

    Not a direct comment on the article, just information required!

    Now that we are back on air so to speak what is happening to the old weblogs where comment is not currently allowed ? The Gerry on Jesus……….. was trowing up some interesting comment and debate that I would have liked to see run it’s course.

    Over to you Mick, will this and other weblogs be open to further comment following the site migration ?

  • Fair play Brian for the clarity, well done.

  • joeCanuck

    Yes, Brian; quite a few of us, myself included, jumped to conclusions.
    Good to clarify.

  • Greenflag

    Never mistake a pimple for the pox and this 32 county shower of freaks are indeed the ‘pox’ . The authorities on both sides of the border need to clamp down on these gobshites who have the iq’s of dead amoeba and the guts of 200 year old skeletons 🙁

  • joeCanuck

    And now al-Qaeda may be after us according to the SOS.

  • Rory Carr

    No harm in getting things wrong once in a while (I may even have been wrong myself once upon a time in the long ago and far away, though I am sure you will all find that hard to believe) but he, who upon discovering that he was in the wrong then promptly admits it, is to be applauded. It’s like a moment from Spike Lee’s great, great movie, Do the Right Thing. Nice.