Campaign for what exactly?

I’ve just heard the audio of First and deputy First Minister launching their “campaign” in support of the Hillsborough Agreement. British broadcasters are banned by law from carrying it as an advert, so coverage will be limited to news programmes – perfunctorily, I’d say. If the intention is to mobilise public opinion in favour of making the Assembly work better, I applaud it . I take it this is part of the public consultation Peter Robinson referred to in the to-ing and fro-ing before Hillsborough. But it’s a curious effort, hardly a multimedia splash. The dreadful dead Executive website simply carries the bald statements without any development. What are people to make of the working parties and deadlines on a range of topics that make up the actual Agreement? How are they supposed to respond? The campaign in favour of the Agreement can only get better as it goes along – assuming there is an actual agreement.