Londonderry heritage, the latest target of rejectionist republicans

I’ve only just noticed this, the latest very precisely sectarian target of rejectionist republicans, next door to my old family home. They knew what they were doing, attacking the heart of the Plantation heritage. Part of a pattern of identifying iconic targets for maximum impact, it didn’t of course compare with the murder attempt on Peadar Heffron but the same mentality is at work. The Guardian story seemed to suggest that damage done by a controlled explosion on an empty van affected the cathedral itself but it was limited to the fine old deanery. The cathedral has suffered damage to stain glass windows and the destruction of the organ in the past. The nearby late Georgian courthouse was restored at the cost of well over a million after a semtex bomb did serious damage and wrecked our little street in the 1990s. Fortunately no one was hurt in this latest attack and wretched gesture will deplored throughout Derry, not least because the heritage in its entirety is being celebrated in the UK City of Culture competition.

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Indeed quite a lot of family homes have been damaged since 1969. I am sure many here on Slugger O’Toole can identify with that.
    “Culture” is a very strange term sometimes.

  • joeCanuck

    Yes, it’s truly disgusting that some yahoos can destroy their architectural heritage. It’s a fine building.

  • Terrible news but what makes it downright ridiculous is how McGuinness McCartney et al deemed it acceptable in the 90s and yet unacceptable now.

  • An Phoblacht Abu

    hang on a second? from what ive been told this was just an abandoned vehicle blown up by controlled explosion, very fast to blame republicans despite there being no phone warning given or anything like that.

  • Rory Carr

    Indeed, An Phoblacht Abu, it does very much seem that Brian was not only over-zealous, but also just plain wrong in describing this incident, where an explosion created by the the security forces on an unattended van caused damage to the deanery as “the latest very precisely sectarian target of rejectionist republicans”. From where he draws this conclusion I have no idea.

    It would seem, on the evidence available, that blame must be equally attributed to the recklessness of whoever abandoned the van and the careless manner in which the controlled explosion was carried out given its proximity to the deanery.

  • coconnor

    “nothing suspicious was found”

    I have no love for the dissidents, but to blame them for this is stretching the truth a little.

  • joeCanuck

    stretching the truth

    More like jumping to conclusions, I think.
    I did read that just before this incident and the one on the bridge, the 32 County group sent out a general warning that something was coming.

  • An Phoblacht Abu

    i believe the 32 county said they will be picketing any shops that serve police officers, they havent said anything about abandoning old vans outside churches

  • sdelaneys

    “not least because the heritage in its entirety is being celebrated in the UK City of Culture competition.”

    I have a fair idea of how ‘rejectionist’ republicans will feel about that but am not so sure about ‘acceptionist’ republicans although I don’t believe even Mr McGuinness will be trumpeting Derry’s role in ‘the UK city of Culture competition’ as a gain for ‘acceptionist’ republicanism.

  • Let’s see, the army blow up an abandoned van, an old building gets damaged. Suddenly it is an evil conspiracy to wreck Derry’s chances of becoming the UK city of culture.


  • The late, great Alan Coren had a magnificent quip on The News Quiz:

    I don’t know much about Princess Diana or about land-mines, but I do know that you poke either at your peril.

    The same principle must apply for the poor bloody (indeed) infantry who have to go out and deal with these devices. Anyone (as those commentators above) who blames the security forces for the damage to Dean Morton’s fanlight has a serious disconnect from reality.

    That apart, Bishop Street is a gem. It was lucky to survive the developers of the last half century. There’s a lot of masonry around NI that should be out-of-bounds for this kind of self-indulgent, mad-arsed frolic. Even the Luftwaffe and Bomber Command observed a few decencies.

    On a different point: any up-date on the future of Lanyon’s fine 1850 Crumlin Road Courthouse?

  • RepublicanStones

    Think ya used enough dynamite there, Butch?