What are the DUP’s terms to avoid the forced resignation of Peter Robinson?

Before you head off for the weekend, have a look at Sam McBride’s exclusive in this morning’s News Letter

PETER Robinson signed a post-dated letter of resignation as First Minister to secure his party’s support for policing and justice..

This is significant on two levels. One, it suggests that if the party doesn’t get the deal it wants, Robbo is toast. And second, it removes the power to unseat the party leader from the Assembly group where we know he has a 60-40 majority to the party executive where we are not sure the level or degree of support. The question that deserves an honest and forthright answer is: on what terms? In other words, what is the bare minimum the working group must bring home so as to avoid Robinson’s resignation?

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  • iluvni

    If he’d any respect for Northern Ireland he’d have signed an immediate resignation letter a few weeks back, not this half-arsed con job.

  • Mick,

    “In other words, what is the bare minimum the working group must bring home so as to avoid Robinson’s resignation?”

    It may well be the case that the working group will produce a set of proposals which will allow both SF and the DUP to claim that the outcomes they wish for can be fulfilled under a framework of a new arbitration process which replaces the Parades commission.

    So the simple answer to your question may be – the replacement of the parades commission.

  • brendan

    Funny how NI politics works. A week ago we had an ‘historic deal’ and ‘the day the peace process came of age’.

    Since then we have:

    post dated resignation letters
    totally different interpretations of the parades element of the deal from Adams and McCausland
    a ‘scathing’ attack from the DUP parades body members on Gerry Adams
    one nomination for the P&J post
    smug confirmation that no deal on parades in 3 weeks = no devolution of P&J

    This is all set to unravel very quickly.

  • Panic, these ones like it up em.

    Posted by iluvni

    ” 1.If he’d any respect for Northern Ireland he’d have signed an immediate resignation letter a few weeks back, not this half-arsed con job. ”

    Peter Robinson is damaged goods and why would he be such a big loss.

    Iris may have been without her clothes but she did us all a favour by unveiling the DUP Emperor as also unclothed, abeit in political attire.

  • Greenflag

    Have to agree with Ian Paisley Sr

    ‘Former DUP leader Ian Paisley has hit out at “talk of clever tricks and cunning plans”.
    Ian Paisley, writing in the News Letter, warned such talk could undermine the chance of the Hillsborough deal succeeding.
    In his weekly column, Dr Paisley said that it was important that the deal was “enacted”.
    “All this talk of clever tricks and cunning plans is to undermine the chance of its success,” he said.
    “If a transaction has been done, then it should not be the business of either side to act with mischievous intent, nor to attempt to paint themselves as the ingenious brain that knows more than everyone else.”
    His remarks coincide with the paper’s front-page story referring to Peter Robinson’s post-dated letter of resignation as First Minister should the Hillsborough deal fail.
    Last week, in a BBC interview, Mr Robinson, the first minister, described a “clever device” to safeguard against non-delivery of the deal.
    In his article Dr Paisley said: “Sleight of hand will never build community confidence, but it will reveal a palm for all to read. If the deal is worthy, own it, don’t ambush it.”
    Referring to the Hillsborough talks, he welcomed their end suggesting they had been going on for “far too long”.

    If Robinson thinks aping the Black Adder /Baldrick routine is the way to engender trust then all I can wish him is a battle a day until his Assembly seat falls out from under him and everybody else .

  • Greenflag

    These pre signed ‘resignation letters’ remind me of that BBC political drama ‘House of Cards ‘

    I think it was Sockie who had to sign up following some indiscretion with a Tory Constituency Chairman’s wife .

    Assembly as a House of Cards ? So apt eh ? So after a barren week we can look forward to more high wire acts in derring do and walk the plank from the Pirates of the Lagan 😉 ?

  • Mick Fealty

    Which is one reason why the party should let us into the just what the cunning plan is intended to achieve, and save us from the folly of trying to guess.

  • The legality of this DUP postdated resignation letter is highly dubious. It sounds more like a stunt to reassure the doubters. It is a pity that they have not tried to resign any of their Assembly team yet as I think the courts would refuse to enforce such a practice.

  • Panic, these ones like it up em.

    Its not just Iris that likes a bit of old slippery slime.

    Are the Robinsons NI premier kinky couple.

  • ardmaj55

    Greenflag. 5 It sounds like Ian Snr is getting in a dig at Robbo here. It must be humiliating for PR to be scolded by his ‘headmaster in front of the pupils like this. There is clearly no love lost between the dynasties, Paisley/Robinson. I just didn’t expect it to be revealed so publicly.
    Robbo is definity damaged goods now, although it’s hard to see how the Doddses can slip into the space vacated. That old Chinese proverb about living in interesting times looks like applying to the DUP.

  • ardmaj55

    Greenflag. I remember that in the ‘Final Cut’ the nickname given to Geoffrey Booza Pitt was, according to himself at least, Sooty. He had to write the resignation letter after some ‘doctors and nurses’ capers with a constituency chairman’s wife. Brilliantly played by Nikolas Grace.

  • cynic47

    I haven’t read the Big Man’s column today but from the snippets quoted above I would say that he is less than happy at post Hillsborough comments. To steal one of PR’s quips at the press conference when the deal was formally announced I would suggest that if there was an Olympic event for bullcrap then the Sinn Fein and the DUP should consider entering a team. It would be neck and neck for the gold medal.

  • Harry J

    Iris may have been without her clothes but she did us all a favour by unveiling the DUP Emperor as also unclothed, abeit in political attire.
    Posted by Panic, these ones like it up em. on Feb 12, 2010 @ 08:12 PM

    and yet the DUP are still ahead of the UUP in the lastest Poll, in fact the UUP have fallen since june, way to go young reg

  • Greenflag


    I stand corrected . You are right . It was Sooty the sock puppet 🙂 And yes it was played brilliantly by Nikolas Grace . Sad that Ian Richardson has passed on 🙁 .

    I think ‘doctors and nurses ‘ sounds somehow a lot more risque and normal for the Tories than FM’s wife and Cafe owner . But then of course it was the DUP and not the UCUNF that were caught in flagrante mode this time 😉

  • Mick

    Trimble used the same pathetic ploy in 1999 and then again in 2001. You may remember the DUP mocked him for doing so but now they are entranced by their great leader pushover Pete. What is they say…fool me once….?

  • Greenflag

    cynic ,

    ‘It would be neck and neck for the gold medal.’

    Not at all -Each would win a gold medal and they’d each take the silver and bronze too . The UUP and SDLP would never make to the starting line and AP and the Greens would’nt even make it to the stadium ;(

  • John O’Connell

    This device that Robbo has negotiated could prove the downfall of unionism.

    The parading issue is one that has the potential to set the North ablaze and may in all likelihood one day cause the Rwandan or Bosnian situation we all fear at our cores.

    But there are those who march annually into areas where they’re not welcome, who assert pseudo-military supremacy in their actions and who would like to inform Nationalists of their perceived inferior position in this society. Historically they have suggested that Nationalists must put up with this abuse because they are the dominant force as they prove by mobilizing their numerous members.

    Yet they must remember that the Nationalist community no longer perceives itself to be unprotected from Unionist abuse and that there may be those in the Nationalist community who are aware that they may not lose a civil war. They will be looking for the United States to intervene in those dire circumstances as in Kosovo in order to prevent Catholic genocide and in the process to damage British interests, weakening the union. So there is no guarantee anymore that unionists can dominate through the subliminal intimidation of marching.

    Accepting that this is the case, what exactly is the point of marching? Strategically, it no longer makes any sense. Will the loyal orders, in a spirit of Christian humility, stand down their civilian armies and stop marching, particularly where they are not wanted? Will they leave behind the Old Testament supremacist attitudes and embrace New Testament equality? Will they cry “love thy enemy”, not “suppress thy neighbour”?

    Will any unionist leader ever grasp the nettle or will Robbo get stung in the summer heat by a giant Nationalist reaction bee?

  • George

    In other words, what is the bare minimum the working group must bring home so as to avoid Robinson’s resignation?

    It seems they won’t bring enough whatever that bare minimum is:

    Robinson said today comments by Adams on parading “breach both the spirit and the letter of the principles set out in the Hillsborough Agreement”.

    Amazing to think that there is now both the spirit and the letter of agreements for the DUP.

    John O’Connell,
    interesting post. The fear of total societal meltdown is never far away in NI.

  • Harry J



    Trimble used the same pathetic ploy in 1999 and then again in 2001. You may remember the DUP mocked him for doing so but now they are entranced by their great leader pushover Pete. What is they say…fool me once….?
    Posted by David Vance on Feb 12, 2010 @ 08:40 PM

    any one else notice that TUV support has halved since David Vance came onboard? Coincidence?

  • Panic, these ones like it up em.

    Posted by Harry J

    ” and yet the DUP are still ahead of the UUP in the lastest Poll, in fact the UUP have fallen since june, way to go young reg ”

    Reg is too good at being bad not to be doing it on purpose.

    It has a briliance that is an Art.

  • ardmaj55

    Panic. It’s just inside the margin of error, but I’m still a bit surprised the DUP haven’t paid a higher price already with their base. It just goes to show the UUP are in need of a leader, because Reg Empty isn’t it.

  • David Crookes

    First real bit of back-seat driving that we’ve seen so far, Greenflag (#5). What is IP saying? Be a bit more statesmanlike?

    I wonder (ardmaj55, #10) how much love is lost between ANY of them. Sammy Wilson is famously pleasant and easy to get on with, but he has more than one colleague whose only hobby is scowling.

    Don’t misunderestimate the FM and the dFM. It is possible that each side is presently making toy-trumpet noises by way of reassuring its own hardliners. Things are harder for the DUP. They have to cope with a stream of high-principled nastiness from the Führerbunker.

  • Greenflag

    David Crookes .

    ‘What is IP saying? ‘

    Looks like the sound of one hand clapping to me and not two hands for Robbo ? All will no doubt be revealed following the usual gnashing of teeth routine .

    Stirrings are afoot no doubt –

  • cynic47


    Number Sixteen! I like it!! Hehe

  • cynic47


    16. You missed the fact that they would also probably set a new world record.

  • Greenflag

    David Vance ,

    ‘What is they say…fool me once….?’

    Indeed and nobody but nobody loves being fooled like the ultra unionist voter. Absolute suckers for the men of principle they’ve been 🙁 Ever since they started voting for the hardliners back in the 1960’s and the rest of the ‘I’m more loyal and unionist than youse ones ‘ brigades, it’s been one long sad and pathetic story of each hardline party being made to eat crow , and in turn face an even more hardline bunch of idiots . The TUV merely represent one more group of clowns in a long line of political failures raised to temporary prominence by claiming to be more ‘principled’ more ‘honest’ more ‘staunch’ etc than the last lot ;(.

    Horseshite followers Mr Vance -thats what the TUV are . No idea where they’re going and even less of an idea what they will or can do when they get there apart from not talking to SF ;(

    Thick as planks and twice as brilliant 🙁

  • Greenflag


    ‘You missed the fact that they would also probably set a new world record.’

    Well as they already hold the record for that you might say they would be beating themselves yet again 😉 But I thought that was an SDLP/ UUP/UCUNF area of political excellence ;)?

    It’s time for my Horlicks -night all

  • Greenflag

    Thank you for that informed comment. It’s that sort of substance that makes Slugger so a great read.

  • David Crookes

    Greenflag (#1), traditional unionism will never be able to defeat a sovereign government in Westminster. It has tried to do so for nearly forty years, and failed. Those who tell us that ‘Britain will have to do so-and-so’ are deceiving themselves and their listeners.

    I have good friends who support the TUV ardently. I respect them, but I reckon that what they want is impossible, and I fear that a success for their party will mean a return to chaos and unease at the very least. If the decency and energy of TUV members can be expressed in a constructive way, all of us will be better off.

    When you’re tuning a piano in equal temperament, you can’t give every string its ‘right’ musical pitch. Some strings have to be tuned a little higher than what is ‘right’, and other strings have to be tuned a little lower than what is ‘right’. The result is that although most strings are a tiny bit out of tune, you can play any piece in any key.

    Of course there are things about the present set-up which are not right, but they will cease to be important if we all exercise good will.

  • ardmaj55

    David Crookes 22
    You wouldn’t, by any chance, be referring to herr gregory there? He must be itching to get on the media to ‘put into context’ his earlier pronouncements? GC is a great one for ‘re-interpeting’ earlier statements. [just in case.]

  • Mick Fealty

    David, fair comment (though have you checked back through ATW for compliance with TUV policy recently? Just saying like).

    GF, watch your step. We are not so stuck for comment that we are forced to pass tribalist nonsense as informed opinion.

    Just take this as a *gentle* warning.

  • David Crookes

    The answer is that he’s there if he still wants to be there, ardmaj55. Those MLAs who have not accepted power-sharing in their hearts are living in a mental bunker.

    A real leader is someone who takes his troops where they don’t want to go. It’s hard for PR. He himself is liberal and relaxed in many areas, but he has to take account of colleagues and voters who are neither. Consider the civilized joke that he made about flags and anthems, which some sad souls have construed as a sign that PR has given up on the union.

    What do you do with people who make a virtue out of rudeness, who won’t say hello to SF MLAS in the corridors, who won’t take a lift if a SF MLA wants to take it at the same time, and who mutter sotto voce sectarian comments in the assembly chamber? If the union is to survive, old-fashioned bone-headed hatred will have to die.

  • Alias

    What exactly do the TUV want? If I was a unionist, I’d be commissioning a plinth next to the statue of Carson on which to place Mr Trimble. How can they not see that the British government and Mr Trimble secured the union for the foreseeable future, and can do no more for unionists than they have already done? Yet they continue with the old DUP cry of “Sell-out!” Even Paisley realised (in the end) that the union has been secured.

    If they want a return to the old regime where Stormont operates exclusively in the interests of the Protestant class then they should know that the proliferation of international laws and universal human rights over the last few decades has made that yearning impossible.

    I don’t think that they want a return to Protestant supremacy, however. So this is where I see them splitting from the British nation and arguing for Ulster nationalist rights.

    They have secured their nation’s claim to sovereignty over the State, but the price they paid for that is that they lost the right to exercise that right to self-determination as an Ulster nation but not as a British nation. That seems to be what really bothers them, as that would only really bother them if they were Ulstermen first and foremost.

    So they lost something but the other tribe lost more. They gave up their claim to sovereignty over the state, giving up their claim to self-determination in its entirety. They agreed to live within a British state in perpetuity, no longer having any right to declare that it should ever be otherwise. So the other tribe renounced all of its fundamental national rights.

    The unionists gave up very little in comparison. Those of them who are British have all their national rights fully validated. It isn’t hard for the British to admit that another nation is with the unitary state since that is the exact basis of the union. It would only be hard to accept if they were Ulster nationalists. So maybe that’s what they are, even if the TUV will cling tightly to the Union Jack and deny it.

    I think that is what they are and what they want is their own state, but they use the UK to ensure that while that they will never be Irish.

  • Greenflag

    David crookes ,

    ‘What do you do with people who make a virtue out of rudeness,’

    You return their rudeness with your own plus interest. There is no other way. The first African American woman elected to Congress mentioned an experience she had when first elected . Each day when she attended the Congress a fellow Congressman who sat in front of her would start coughing as soon as he saw her ..Chisholm concerned about his health asked a colleague if the man was ill .The colleague delivered some surprising information. It seemed that as soon as Chisholm walked by the coughing congressman each day , the congressman had developed a habit of pulling out a handkerchief and then spitting into it , as if spitting in Chisholm’s face .

    Chisholm showed up at the House of Reps next day wearing a sweater with big pockets , in one of which she placed a man’s handkerchief .As she walked up towards her seat the congressman started coughing and at the moment he pulled out his handkerchief Chisholm pulled out her own -spat in it and threw it in the man’s face .

    ‘Beat you to it today’ she said and ‘I’ll beat you to it every day . Her fiery act did not go unnoticed as onlookers and members of the press seated in the balcony started yelling ‘ Give it to him Shirley’

    . The ‘coughing ‘ congressman stopped spitting after that at least not in Chisholm’s presence.

  • ardmaj55

    David Crookes [7] I suspect Gregory has a bit of a chip on his shoulder at having a pope’s name. Up here in the North west, we know all about his track record. Back in the eighties, he boycotted the guildhall council chamber in Derry for months to protest at the council name change, [I won’t bore you by going into the details of that saga] but when GC realised his constituents treated this as indulging in petty point scoring he slunk back in again.

  • Greenflag

    Mick ,

    What you call tribalist nonsense is political and historical fact as any perusal of unionist parties divisions , splits etc etc shows these past 40 years . Even David Vance admits as much . I’ll concede I may have been a bit rough on Vance’s TUV and I’ll further concede that there are good eggs in every basket. respect them,

    But I will agree with David Crooke’s comment that what they (TUV ) want is impossible, although unlike David I don’t fear that a success for their party will mean a return to chaos . They won’t get enough votes or seats for that to become a possibility .

  • Greenflag

    David Vance ,

    ‘Thank you for that informed comment’

    I’m sure you agreed with most of it until I came to the TUV part . That’s understandable as nobody wants to hear they may have latched themselves onto a political millstone .

    ‘ It’s that sort of substance that makes Slugger so a great read.’

    It can be a rough house at times . However much as it may appear that the ‘slagging’ and ‘baiting’ of politicians and their parties and certain individuals is the raison d’etre -it isn’t . I’m sure that there are many on slugger who understand that when all is said and done we have to rely on elected politicians becoming constructive and leading NI out of the abyss and not back into it .

    We can laugh at Adams or Robinson but we also understand that both individuals regardless of their backgrounds have delivered an ‘imperfect’ solution which is as good as it’s going to get for a while to come . And for that I believe most -not all of course the people of NI are grateful .

    I don’t see anything that the TUV are proferring that could possibly be any better . If you do -lets hear it .

    If however it includes not ever talking or ever sharing power with SF then don’t waste your time . Because that is not going to work unless you favour ‘repartition’ in which case I’d concede the point .

  • ardmaj55

    Alias [8] The TUV are the political equivalent of ‘ambulance chasers’. [usually insurance companies] Desperately trying hoover up votes from the fringes of unionism. The real meat in the Hillsboro agreement is in what is not on the page, and that is, [as Paisley realised], the Govt’s hold the threat over all unionists of a return to indirect rule, and more influence from the South. with the added minus for both UUP and DUP as well as the TUV, that if the govts are resigned to the inability of unionists here to adapt and run the place, they take over, with no need to consult politicians on what the future plans they have for NI are.

  • Panic, these ones like it up em.

    (13) Posted by ardmaj55

    Good post and give Paisley his due he can still pick up on this.

  • David Crookes

    Altogether cogent, alias (#8). It does appear to some people that the subtextual logic of the TUV’s position points to an Antrim-and-Down statelet, independent but under the Crown, like the sort of Scotland that the SNP professes to want: but I can’t believe that anyone in the TUV will contemplate with equanimity the human cost of bringing such a statelet into existence.

    Too many unionists believe that the pas de deux means dancing with wolves. It doesn’t. There has to be more to unionist dancing than doing the splits over and over again.

  • Paddy


    New York Times gives him a mention as well as the pedo scandal hitting Pervie leader Gerry Adams.

    They haven’t gone away, Gerry.

  • Alias

    Thank you, Mr Crookes. It’s complex because the TUV has many British integrationists in the party (including Mr Vance and the leader) but the logic of their position is paradoxically not integration but isolation – or, rather, a nation-state for an Ulster nation.

    ardmaj55, I wouldn’t agree that Paisley was afraid of the mythical Plan B. That was just a subtext that he used to jump at his chance of power before he was consigned to history as a crank and also-ran. He was also bribed by being made a Privy Councillor and by appointing his missus to the Lords. The odd rogue became respectable at last. He knew that there was no threat to the union, and that set his wee heart at rest but he also knew that the union was only secure if it operated along British principles of diversity and inclusivity, so that needed constant work – just like a marriage, really. That meant that he had to shaft the loyalists (those Ulstermen) in favour of the British nation.

    In regard to Plan B: there is none. Joint-authority means joint-responsibility for the deficit. Also, you agreed to give up your national rights whereas we did not.

  • David Crookes

    Alias, I remember IP saying more than thirty years ago that there should be a referendum about the union on the mainland. (The old ‘Official Unionists’ thought that he was trying to end the union, and who shall say that they were wrong?) Then in 1984 IP said in Westminster that he was concerned about ‘the survival of the Protestant way of life on the island of Ireland’. Away back at the start he suggested a federal-Ireland ‘solution’ to the members of his new Protestant Unionist Party, but they weren’t interested. Finally, when IP won his first big European vote he sent a telegram to Mrs T in which he proclaimed himself to be the elected leader of Ulster unionists. She was very impressed, and toyed with the federal notion for a while. (Two ‘strong men’ were to be in charge: CJH running the RoI, and IP running NI. So helplessly colonial.)

    Quare goin’s-on. Merlyn Rees was right to talk about ‘Ulster nationalism’ in 1974.

    Greenflag, in SF’s place I should prefer to go for heaping coals of fire on the heads of my adversaries by treating them politely. But many thanks for that horrifying anecdote.

    Ardmaj55, how much has GC been damaged by his change of behaviour in respect of the Guildhall? What you say reminds me that Robert Ramsey has a great sentence in his book Ringside Seats about Lord Moyola. ‘He was not on the intellectual wing of the party.’

  • ardmaj55

    greenflag. Yes, it was sad to hear of Ian Richardson’s passing. he was a great actor, i’d like to have seen something he was in before the nineties, when the HOC trilogy was on. I believe IR was in a little seen film about the Marqius De Sade, that was released away back in 1969.

  • Greenflag


    There was a series called Private Schultz in which Richardson played an SS officer and later in the series an underworld Scotsman trying to dig out ‘counterfeit sterling from under a public loo in London 😉

    -iirc -sime brilliant lines -you can follow up some on youtube

  • [quote][i]Mr Robinson’s post-dated resignation letter mirrors the letter which the party leadership made every DUP Assembly member sign when they stood for the party in 2007, meaning that Mr Robinson could ‘resign’ one of his MLAs without their consent.

    The device was seen as a way of the party leadership maintaining control of its Assembly members.

    However, the only time when a resignation letter was activated was last month when Mr Robinson resigned his wife following her affair and business dealings with a 19-year-old man. [/i][/quote]…. http://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/Robinson-resignation-39postdated39.6066636.jp

    Sieg Heil, Mein Fuehrer, Herr Fascist.

    Crikey, what a strange and perverse way to fleece a country trying to set itself up a Viable model to be followed in Violent Conflict Resolution. I can’t see it having any future though with such pathetically childish restraints against anyone who would have an adventurous and smarter counter opinion, …. thus is the facility prima facie evidence of a Lack of Intellectual Property Pedigree and Continuity Integrity. In other words, A.N.Other Epic Titanic DUP Fail.

  • ardmaj55

    David Crookes [18] I assume you meant electorally damaged, and you’re right of course, GC knew he was on safeground with the electorate [as MP] and, as DC councillor, since his voter base had nowhere else to go with their votes.

  • ardmaj55

    Alias [17] I remember that Paisley went down to meet Bertie Ahern, a month after taking over as FM here, and made a speech which was very concilliatory to the Taoiseach, in which IP said he felt no threat to NI status from that quarter. This bears out your point that he was only pretending to be afraid of ‘Plan B. Yet on this same date, on that night’s Nolan TV show, IP claimed he had been blackmailed effectively, by both govts. He knew he was contradicting himself, but didn’t look as if he cared.

  • Greenflag

    David Crookes,

    ‘In SF’s place I should prefer to go for heaping coals of fire on the heads of my adversaries by treating them politely.’

    So would I as long as my ‘adversaries’ treated me ‘politely’ back. When you turn the cheek too many times your ‘adversaries’ will take that as confirmation that you look forward to future heaps of coal and they’ll be sure to increase the heap.

    ‘But many thanks for that horrifying anecdote.’

    Much more horrifying was the history of lynchings and worse meted out to millions of African Americans over centuries . The ‘white’ Congressman mentioned above would no doubt have found ‘justification’ for that violence too:(

    No there are times when you cannot turn the other cheek . It’s very often a personal call or issue which shoves one man into going for the gun as it were ,instead of turning the cheek .

  • Whom does Rhonda Paisley reckon is man enough to lead AI United Nation under Any Number of Global Operating Devices?

    Who Speaks and Pimps and Primes the Pumps which Deliver Flow of the Sisters’ View for Adult Fulfillment? …… Her Munificent Voice

  • Greenflag

    David Crookes ,

    ‘What you say reminds me that Robert Ramsey has a great sentence in his book Ringside Seats about Lord Moyola. ‘He was not on the intellectual wing of the party.’’

    Right that would have been Harry West’s wing 😉

    Ramsey is obviously a master of understatement eh?

  • Greenflag

    As for Peter Robinson becoming ‘toast’ ? What matter ?

    There will never be a shortage of toast among ‘Unionism’s ‘ political elite .They are all replaceable even if some of us think they’re not.

  • David Crookes

    You’re not wrong, Greenflag!

    I once heard that when James Chichester-Clark was raised to the peerage, he asked his image consultants to come up with a baronial name ‘that Ian Paisley won’t be able to make fun of.’ At length they came up with ‘Lord Moyola’.

    In the next week’s Protestant Telegraph, the poor man was referred to as ‘Lord Farola.’

    All fair game in the land of Amanda McKittrick Ros. Does anyone remember the slogan FLOUNDER WITH POUNDER?