Six Nations Weekend 2 – Championship decider in Paris.

Today it’s:
France v Ireland, 16:30
Wales v Scotland, 14:00
Italy v England, 14.30

Massive game in Paris (the French are claiming that the Irish cheat every weekend.
Remember the last Irish win in France? Someone announced himself in style…

Update on Wales Scotland…Predictable and comfortable Welsh win..(Please God let’s have a boring Welsh game?). Here’s Gatland pondering the madness…
Ireland – I know the score was bad but little things hurt – O’Driscoll Darcy could have scored and the yellow card didn’t help..

I’ll update the predictions after the Italy game…below the fold:

Mrazik, Villager and FBFO on 10 points
BryanS, Gmacor, Mark McGregor, Clanky, Panic etc, John M, George, Greenflag & Articles on 9 points.
Intelligence Insider & Chris Donnelly on 8 points.
Jimmy Sands, N.Exile, Tochais Sora & Reader on 7 points
Mod U and Mayoman on 6 points
georgieleigh on 5 points.
Iluvni and Dewi on a magnificent 2 points…