“There has to be a consensus found on education”

The BBC reports UUP leader Reg Empey’s comments this evening – “If we can deal with parades, why can’t we deal with education? And we are looking at this as a litmus test of whether the Executive is going to be capable of taking on any more powers”.

Video courtesy of UTV
From the BBC report

On Thursday, Sir Reg said: “The Ulster Unionist Party has long stated its concerns at the dysfunctional nature of the Executive, and we are determined to address its most glaring example – the failure to deal with the crisis in education.

“There is a shocking contrast between daily meetings to discuss parades, and the failure of the Executive to discuss education for two whole years.

“If the Executive cannot fix education – a power we currently have – then it is certainly not in any position to take on something as important as policing and justice,” he said.

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